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The Only Thing worth doing Dharma quotes

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At present we have this rare and good human life of freedom and fortune, but it won’t last forever. We are certain to die and don’t know when. At death nothing at all but our spiritual practice will be of any use to us. That is the only thing worth doing—everything else is a futile waste of energy. We tire ourselves for the sake of reward and reputation and in our search for the kind of companions we prefer, but we can take none of these with us when we die. They must be left behind and only the imprints of negative actions we have performed in the process of trying to acquire them accompany us to our next rebirth. This is not hard to understand, but we must remember it and think about it till it affects the way we think and feel.

from the text Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment written by Atisha, 11th century

Atisha, the eleventh-century Indian Buddhist scholar and saint, came to Tibet at the invitation of the king of Western Tibet, Lha Lama Yeshe Wo, and his nephew, Jangchub Wo. His coming initiated the period of the second transmission of Buddhism to Tibet, formative for the Sakya Kagyu and Gelug traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Atisha’s most celebrated text, Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment,sets forth the entire Buddhist path within the framework of three levels of motivation on the part of the practitioner. Atisha’s text thus became the source of the lamrim tradition, or graduated stages of the path to enlightenment, an approach to spiritual practice incorporated within all schools of Tibetan Buddhism.


Its better to practice Dharma quote

from. http://www.shambhala.com/blog

Dharma quote from Atisha Lamp to Path of Enlightment

Its better to Practice

Dromtönpa once saw a monk doing circumambulations and intuitively knew he was doing them for a worldly motive. He remarked, “It’s good to do circumambulations, but it would be better to practice.” Later he saw the same monk making prostrations. “Prostrations are good,” he said, “but it would be better to practice.” After some time, the monk began to do meditation and Dromtönpa again remarked that doing retreats was laudable, but it would be even better to practice. Finally the monk, who by this time was thoroughly perplexed, inquired what he meant by the word practice. Dromtönpa answered that it meant letting go of our preoccupation with this life and developing true love and compassion.
If what we do is for this life, it is a wordly endeavor, no matter how much it resembles a spiritual practice. If we don’t overcome that concern, we aren’t true practitioners. If we don’t overcome our concern for the well-being of our future lives, we don’t have a real wish for freedom.

Atisha, the eleventh-century Indian Buddhist scholar and saint, came to Tibet at the invitation of the king of Western Tibet, Lha Lama Yeshe Wo, and his nephew, Jangchub Wo. His coming initiated the period of the second transmission of Buddhism to Tibet, formative for the Sakya Kagyu and Gelug traditions of Tibetan Buddhism. Atisha’s most celebrated text, Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment,sets forth the entire Buddhist path within the framework of three levels of motivation on the part of the practitioner.

Aug 18 Practice, practice, practice – The greatest motivator

Excerpts of show notes

Aug 18 Practice, practice, practice – The Greatest Motivator

Karl Friedrich Graf von Dürckheim

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I had a wonderful expanding my mind and having a greater understanding  of the fact that that we are all consciousness and realizing again that practice, practice, practice is the key. And in this episode I will share with you the Greatest motivator for a spiritual practice: the fact that You and I will die – and nothing can change that.

Buddha says :

Even so you are holding on, and are attached, you cannot stay here,

So what use is it , to be afraid and anxius about something,

Which is unchangeable.

This episode is inspired by His Holiness the Dalai Lama and his beautiful book called “ Advice on dying and living a better Life” here he shares from his vast wisdom about the importance of becoming aware of our transientness.

Death is unchangeable and sooner or later we must leave all of it, even our name.

And the Dalai Lama says that the awareness of our transciency gives us an urgency to decide to practice, practice a onscious connection to our TRUE SELF.

 Before we look into that more deeply let us look at what Buddhism is saying about practice:

And just today I came across a wonderful little story called It is better to practice from Buddhist way which I will share with you after the break.

This is from the Shambala website with its Dharma Quotes. The quote comes a most celebrated text called Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment by Atisha, who was an Indian Buddhist.

You can find the whole quote and more information about Atisha in my blog justbeittalk.wordpress.com

The story is called It is better to practice

Dromtönpa once saw a monk doing circumambulations and intuitively knew he was doing them for a worldly motive. He remarked, “It’s good to do circumambulations *, but it would be better to practice.” Later he saw the same monk making prostrations. “Prostrations**  are good,” he said, “but it would be better to practice.” After some time, the monk began to do meditation and Dromtönpa again remarked that doing retreats was laudable, but it would be even better to practice. Finally the monk, who by this time was thoroughly perplexed, inquired what he meant by the word practice. Dromtönpa answered that it meant letting go of our preoccupation with this life and developing true love and compassion.

*circumambulations is a sacred ritual where the monk is circling a sacred object like a stupa in a Buddhist temple or the Christian monks circling around in the courtyard of their monastery.

**prostrations are rituals lying on the floor full body, getting up and lying down again

If that what we do is for this! life, it is a wordly endeavor, no matter how much it resembles a spiritual practice. If we don’t overcome that concern, we aren’t true practitioners. END OF QUOTE

We need to develop compassion with all beings humans, plants, animals..and that all of them will be freed from the Wheel of Karma  moving home as a realized spirit. And in the Buddhist teaching all our spiritual practice must always have in mind all our future life with the ultimate realization into Buddha hood in mind.

I like to focus on another important aspect of practice I am getting more and more in touch with.

I just came back from a 4 week retreat I do every year and it was quiet amazing and brought me on a whole new level in my consciousness and awareness of who I am.

So right now I am smack in the middle of this questions: How do I hold and stabilize the gifts  and accomplishment in my Daily Life?

I am sure many of you listeners been there:

You listened to an exciting webcast and you are much motivated to really change things in your Life

Or  to an inspiring church sermon or beautiful church service and you know now to love your family, or you attended a  profound spiritual retreat and yet, after a while all of it seems to withers away and you watch yourself moving back in some of  same old habits and reactions.

So in this episode and the next coming episodes I will  explore this question more deeply

Calling the upcoming future episodes  practice, practice practice.

Also  The Dalai Lama states in his book dying Advice on dying a Better Life:

Even people who came from a year long retreat were not able to keep a long term effect, because they did not hold on to on a daily basis  and I quote to “the  urgency of their own transcience , their own death coming..

So if practicing means to meditate in the early hours, that is certainly extremely very useful andimportant. Here I am moving my attention to my True Self, getting in touch with the SILENCE behind the thoughts   that is the OBSERVER, the I AM.  And during the day I do feel I am connected to an extra battery and for the whole day I can pull from this, if I choose to put my attention to it. That seems to be the key to frequently put my awareness to that of who I really AM, pure consciousness,  99.9% pure energy…and then all my action and responses can come from that connectedness..

One could say that the connections made in my mediation done in my room, in the early hours all by myself  must be brought into the light of the day,  and prove itself there in the busyness of the market place where so many things want to pull me outside of the I AM into my small self.

This takes motivation to be that consistent despite the strong input my senses I receive from the world out there.

The Dalai Lama recommend to be always aware of the transientness of myself which then will motivate me to practice consistently.

He says and I

QUOTE: To contemplate about the transientness does not only inspire to practice it does deliver the fuel for it!” END OF QUOTE

And that in itself does not seem easy, right? Everything around me seems to look sooo permanent, my brain tells me that the world  is real and hard and stable like a rock (even though Quantum physics has proven that all is energy and I have and will again discuss that in this show).

I feel family and friends stay forever and when I think about my death I say later, later, later …its kind of far away, even so my Life span is getting shorter each day

A part of me says Oh yes I know I am gonna die, but….(right now I am busy making a fortune, enjoying the summer son and on and on)

What I am looking at  is that a part of us allows us to stay in the shallowness of Life far removed from daily contemplating death, after all its scary.

Rainer Maria  Rilke who often  was contemplating the “fleeting moments of Life, us the most fleeting of all” says: that our whole Life is a preparation just for that event. And he asks how well are you gonna die and will you by then understood what it is all about?

We do not allow ourselves to think these deep thoughts, right? and if we do its all doom and gloom and bad and dark. We are programmed to believe there is nothing out there after

And I like to quote this beautiful sentence from the book of the Dalai Lama:

“The profound, the deep has lost against the trivial,  says Dalai Lama and I like to add in  mass society”..

Indeed a part of us does  not want to see what’s real.

and I say a part of us, because in REALITY  I am not that, I AM THAT I AM, I am Atman, I am 99 % pure vibrating powerful energy and you are that!

We have been very successful to put death outside of our Life because the transient nature of all things, the constant flux of change is too uncomfortable for our small self to face.  We are so awkward about dying that we need trained companions to help us.

To be aware that with every breath I am moving closer to death is extremely uncomfortable…my small little self wants attachment and security.

It takes a lot to daily become aware that I am already dying. However it can be the greatest motivator to explore who I really am : Spirit learning to be human, as Grandmother Parisha says.

And the DALAI LAMA says_”: Only when you have a strong sense of the certainty of death and the uncertainty of its date, then you will be motivated from deep inside.

The Dalai Lama goes in this book further. He shares 16 verses of a poem by the Panchem Lama. It is a guideline for special Buddhist practices, to overcome the fear of dying and to prepare spirituality for the different phases of death.

And he clearly says that it would be good to practice this, as on the day of your death there might be no one who could help with your transition, maybe only weeping family members and friends.

There is a beautiful practice Grandmother Parisha recommended to get a sense of our death. Write down the days you have left to live…and update them daily, weekly or monthly.  Lets assume you take 90 or 80 years of age,  deduct your age and that number gives you the years left. Multiply by 365

For me using 90 as a number today its about 11.315 days, not a real big number, considering that I started out with over 32.850!!

Let me know what you think about that? You can email me at justbeit13@gmail.com

Contemplating on death also brings you closer to contemplate on time. As some of us know , and Einstein has said time and space are relative, they are in relation to our perception and only exist in this material, third world dimension.

So how am I spending my time? as Grandmother Parisha says, Time is very precious in this dimension, it cannot be replaced. We can replace money but time is gone and it is important that we make wise choices how and with whom and for what do we spend it. This simple calculation can give us a strong sense of the closeness of death, one might then feel the urgency to train his mind and body, to focus on meaning and depth in Life and to move into the endeavour to understand who I really am and what this is all about.

How do you spend the days  10.00 15.000 or 20.000  left?

In the book the Dalai Lama writes:

If one has understood the difficulty to actually obtain a human body, than one has no excuse to inactively stand around . If one realizes the great meaning of this human body, than one has not trouble anymore of senselessly waste time.

So once you and I really  got  how precious this human existence and the time spent is,  …we also can motivate ourselves to live a Life that is in harmony with our TRUE SELF, that is an expression of our hightest good…and not to regret to have wasted this precious life time.

To regret that we did not live like we really wanted to is the number one theme of people who are dying. An Australian palliative care professional found out that people who are dying spoke mostly about that: I wish I had…

She wrote a book called “The Top 5 regrets of Dying, her name is Bronnie Ware

You can download it as an ebook. See my blog.

Here are the top 5 regrets people shared:

I wish I had more courageous to live my own Life.

The author says that there are many people who went thru Life and did most of the time that, what other believed, they should be doing.

No. 2

I wish I had not worked so hard.

Being caught up in the fear for material security, or acknowledgment many regret they spent too much time working and not enough time living.

No 3

I wish I had told my real feelings.

Many people, says the author, are holding back their own truth, their own inner wisdom …they play nice. That also leads to a Life which does not allow for complete expression of oneself and the satisfaction of Being all you can be.

No. 4

I wish I had kept contact to my friends.

Many people regret that they did not keep in touch with people important to them.

The demands of Life pulled them elsewhere and at the end they realize that the nurturing and deep connectedness with people who nurtured their soul was something they missed out on.

No. 5

I wish I would have allowed myself to be more happy.

The author shares the feeling of many people who are dying, that they did not make the choices for a happier life. Either they got stucked in old patterns of remorse and holding on to old anger or simply did not want to be uncomfortable, to change for a better Life. The fear of the small self to change.

All regrets focus around the fact that none of them lived up to their full potential.

Of course, the author,  Bonnie Ware, also met  people who do not regret any thing  and left with a smile on their face.

In the moment we consciously connect to our True Self, thru contemplation and spiritual practice, we will be guided to change our way of living. We will then live our own Truth, express our True Self – even it means change and that is uncomfortable.

So let me summarize what I covered today
First, here one more time the practice I recommend for your own personal journey.

Calculate the number of days you have left until you become 80 or 90, this gives you an approximate number of days left and a strong sense how close death really is.

I would suggest you update the number weekly or at least monthly.

Have the number clearly present in your home or desk.

Second, In his book the Holiness of Dalai Lama Advice on dying nd living a better Life . he summarizes  in a simple and clear way, that a sense of our transientness, the certainty of our death, will motivate us strongly in our effort to consciously connect to our Inner Being. That means to take on a consistent spiritual practice is the best decision we can make:.


As death is coming without doubt

As out life span cannot be extended and actually is getting shorter, shorter

As there is not much time to be in spiritual practice, even in this Life

The decision must be: we must practice.

As the time of our death is not known

As there are many causes of death, and only a few causes for Life

As our life span in this world is not know

The decision must be: we must practice now.


July 19 The Inner Being calling Karf Friedrich Graf von Duerckheim

Excerpts of show notes

July 19 The Inner Being calling

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Today I would like to go back to the basic question which we started this show:

The world calling us outside and the Inner Being calling us inside.

I will read some text from Karl Friedrich Graf von Dürckheim and look in general at the idea of the transpersonal psychology. The Inner being is calling us and yet we are literally caught up in the world out there and its demands.

And we go back and forth between these 2 planes of existence in our Life as Karl F. Dürckheim says it so clearly

From morning to night the world calls us outward, wants to be recognized as the world and mastered.

The Inner Being calls us consistently from inside and into our Inner World.

 This is a quote from his book Daily routine as practice from which we will hear more in this episode.

It is not wrong to do and gain, and to move toward something to create reality…yet the key is that it must be controlled so to speak by our True Self our Inner Being and not as most of the time by the ego the small Life.

So to live a Life this is guided by our Inner Voice, while we learn to be human.

Karl Friedrich Graf von Dürckheim was born in 1896  and died in 1988 when he was 92.
He was a German diplomat working in Japan,  a psychotherapist and Zen-Master. The words Graf von means that he comes from a family of nobility.

In his early twenties, he was reading in the Tao Te Ching of Lao-Tzu and studied with Zen masters. “Suddenly it happened! I was listening and lightning went through me. The veil was torn asunder, I was awake! I had just experienced ‘It’. Everything existed and nothing existed. Another Reality had broken through this world. I myself existed and did not exist. I had experienced that which is spoken of in all centuries: individuals, in whatever stage of their lives, have had an experience which struck them with the force of lightning and linked them once and for all to the circuits of True Life.”

He had recognized the Christian Mystic, Meister Eckhart who lived in the 1400 in Germany as his first inspiring master. In the early 1950 he found a centre together with a wife Dürckheim founded the “Center of existential and psychological formation and encounter”  It was located in the Black Forest in South Germany and quiet influential in Europe in these years. He said that what I am doing is not the transmission of Zen Buddhism; on the contrary, that which I seek after is something universally human who comes from our origins and happens to be more emphasized in eastern practices than in the western.” END OF QUOTE

With the so called initiation therapy, K.F. von Dürckheim is part of the transpersonal psychology movement. This is the only psychology who acknowledges the existence of an inner spirit, an inner Being. One could say that the founding father of transpersonal psychology is Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychotherapist and also
Charles Tart Ph.D.  He works especially on a bridge between modern science and spirituality. For Charles Tart says that by the consistent and stubborn denial of modern science of what we could call consciousness, or the reality of the spiritual, people really could get hurt. Vital aspects if not the main aspect of their being are rejected and so not expressed in our western society.

Also the holotropic breathing of Stanislav Grof is part of transpersonal psychology, which works guided by the Inner Being of the client with the vastness of the Inner consciousness, .We covered his work in our episode from March 23, 2012.

Dürckheim says, the basic concept of all transpersonal psychology that the therapist is not the healer, but rather a companion on the way. And in his work and Initiation therapy, he focuses on that the paradox of our Ego and little self being in the world out there and out Inner Being, the true self our own true nature calling us. And this Inner calling is increasing for many of us, challenging us to forget what we know and do.
“The world demands from us knowledge and proficiency.
The Inner Being demands from us, that in our Service of Becoming, we forget the Known and the Doing of it. “

In transpersonal psychology the therapist is like a midwife, who is helping the client to move beyond the ego self. That is very scary because on would indeed have to give up what it knows and how it understand the world. As Paul Lowe says it is easy to give up your house, your work for a moving closer to the demands of the Inner True Nature. But to give up the knowledge and values of the egos, to give up what we know, to empty ourselves is very scary of the Ego. As Paul Lowe says: “ It might be easy to give up our home or our house to move on a spiritual path However to be willing to completely questioning how we live, and what we think about the world, that is very difficult. “

The therapist – as a midwife accompanies us in this process: to find your true self, your true nature and you can know start a Life in the world with great contentment, inner peace and happiness, solely guided by your Inner Being

And I quote again from the writings of K.F. Duerkcheim:

The world demands consistently that we are doing something.

The Inner Being demands from us that we simply let the Right Thing happen.


There is nothing bad about that, as long as we serving having faith and trusting in  the guidance of our Inner Being and not our ego, as long as we are coming from our Inner being and are in this world but not off this world. It’s not about escaping somewhere else, but it’s about consciously expressing who we really are and from that Beingness doing and working in the world.

How different would our world look today if the majority of people lived like that?

Karl Graf von Dürckeim (KFD) says:  The Inner Path and the Outer Path (the path of the world are not ruling out each other. They actually determine each other, as we know we are creating the world out there.

We are challenged day and night by our Inner Being and by the looming world which is in our hands and responsibility. So the focus of our spiritual effort must be a never ending to reconcile both.

The world presses us forward and keeps us going without pause,

so we could come to something stationary.

The Inner Being demands from us to look at It, non-attached,

The world forces us to think about security.

The Inner Being encourages us to constantly Dare Something New.


To let the right thing happen, without the busyness and the clinging and attachments of the ego is quite difficult for many of us.

I remember many years ago Grandmother Parisha asked me to write down, journal for myself the question: why am I not giving more time to the advancement of my spiritual being? And while I was writing I discovered that one of the main theme was that I was afraid, afraid to give up my comfortableness, the so called security of the little self, and most of all not wanting to give up control, not to allow to let things happen.

So you listener might have had the experience that we have been at a retreat, a workshop a seminar and felt really in touch, in touch with who we are and we came home with visions and inspirations
in spiratio we were in spirit, fired up to live our deepest Inner callings and we were ready to dare something new.
Though, the world came and pressed us forward demanding doing without pause in we lost it again, the conditioning of our ego forced us to do the things we thought we need to do, the demands caused us to be proficient again…and slowly over time we lost touch with our true calling again.

In the Iniation therapy K.F. D. included very much the body and its energetic fields, so working with the breath, the voice and the energetic fields opens a client up to his body. The body in this context is seen as an armor,  a muscular tension which does not allow the flow of the energy of the Higher Self to happen. This armor must be broken with intense breathing work (rolfing, breath therapy and similar methods are based on this findings of Wilhelm Reich in the 1920)

We have tightened up, we have so much tightened up that we are not even able to bet in touch with our True nature, because all energies are blocked. So intense body work is part of the Initiation therapy of K.F. Duerckheim.

The world makes us speak and act incessantly.

The Inner Being demands, that we become silent and act, without doing.

As in the TAO: doing without doing is important…once we have moved beyond the protective shield, the armor, the tightness showing in our body-mind unit, we are able to move into a powerful Beingness which creates simply out of being not doing. So the work here is over the body, like in EFT which works with the meridians to remove false beliefs and habits, by working with the meridians the energy field of the body.

For me this approach has been very helpful…I find that the body not only has wisdom and his own consciousness working miracously all the things which need to function, it also holds the key to unlock the walls of our my True nature, my true Inner calling.

The world obeys to us, when we understand and grasp it.

The Inner Being opens itself to us, when we endure The Incomprehensible.

To endure the incomprehensible…to have faith in that, what we cannot describe nor put in words which our mind cannot grasp : we are consciousness and  part of the Absolute consciousness that is the underlying omnipotent force or God which is the underlying reality of all there is.

To endure that we have no real understanding what our Inner Being is, and when we are finally making that connection consciously, Now we have no need any more to understand, because the ego, the critical mind does not exist in this very moment..

The bearing force of the Inner Being will proof itself,

when we let go that which holds us in the world.

The practice in our daily Life as KFD calls is consistent moving within and turning away. It means letting go of the world and allowing the Core to become expressed.

KFD says we either are very tight have an armor or we live in a constant state of disintegration, dissolving, loosing our self. The right balance is allowing and trusting the Right thing will happen and self responsible cooperation. However, says KFD most of us are moving back and forth between tightness and the disintegration.

Loosing one self: Alcohol, being constantly occupied with tv, business, shopping, sport, hobby could become  part of the disintegration as we are not allowing to relax into who we really are.

Much of the tightness in the shoulders which we hardly notice, is the symptom for a tightness an armor of our ego.

It is important to let that go and move into the center of our body: the Hara. That is the energies of our lower bowl which is holding the upper corso, describes KFD, The Hara is an energy point located two fingers under the naval and a vital point of concentration, breath work in Zen and in KFD work. Here once could not only find the center of his body-mind untit, but also access to the center of himself, the Inner Being.

The Inner Being renews and transforms us only,

when we disconnect ourselves again from that, which enriches us in the world.

This were we might need help, be it through a therapist who encourages us to move beyond our fear of letting go all who we are in the world, all that enriches us here or a spiritual teacher who moves us  to dare the Unkown in us.

And I like to end this episode with a quote from KFD in his book called “The way of transformation”.


The man, who really is on the Way, and therefore has hard times in the world will not  turn to that friend who offers him refuge and comfort and encourages his old self to survive.

Rather, he will seek out someone who will faithfully and inexorably  help him to risk himself. So he may endure the suffering and pass courageously through it. Only to the extent that man exposes himself over and over again to annihilation, can that which is indestructible arise within him. In this lies the dignity of daring.” – from “The Way of Transformation”, Karl Friedrich Graf von Dürckheim

July 6 count your blessings

Excerpts of the shownotes

Just Be it

July 6 Counting your blessings

So I like to start with a quote from Grandmother Parisha:

No one is powerful enough to effect or control your Life, its all you, like it or not,its you.

Please take a moment and look around where you are this reality is a direct reflection of your belief systems. How does the room look around you? It is a clear reflection of the positive and negative beliefs you hold. Look at your friends worklife your finances…what does it tell you about you?

One of the things we also can do is count our blessings, you could take a sheet of paper or a small notebook and each day write down 6 blessings in your life. Think twice, you and I live in paradise..we are part of a very small percentage of humanity who sleep in therr own bed, who can switch on and off the air conditioning, the heater, who have food and shelter..its these simple things we can be grateful each day.

Here are my blessing for today, the sun was shining, I had an  unexpected  invitation to lunch and the restaurant had exactly the menue items I needed for the special diet I am on right now, I am grateful for the garden and the flowers, I am grateful for all the computers, gadgets and cell phones  and applications I have allowing me to communicate just with my finger tips with someone in Australita today. I am grateful of having  a room of my own with a view from the windows into the green of bushes and trees.

This practice lets me realize how abundant my Life already is..and I focus on the simply things of life and its beauty, and brings me in the present moment of that what I am grateful for.

Would you like to share with me your 6 blessings of the day? I would love to hear yours, just send me an email to justbeit13@gmail.com

Anxiety around money…fear of scarcity can be best countered with gratitude.

As Grandmother Parisha says:

Each of us given the joy of life. Appreciate it all, and if you want more health and wealth in yours , appreciate what you have and focus on it joyfully. Live without fear of scarcity.

What you’re put your attention to, you simply get. Wherever the mind goes, the energy flows.

In the last episode we looked at the idea of implicit beliefs, a word coined by John Assaraf, meaning underlying beliefs causing procrastinations, self doubt and questioning our goals…like I am not good enough, I am not worth it, what will people think of me?

These beliefs systems could go much deeper and be much more subtle.
For example, extreme busyness or work alcoholism can be caused by a belief of not being worthy..so I have to prove myself and grave constantly for acknowledgement only then I am a worthwhile…and we see these people in the rat race with all the adornment of success, cars, gadgets, houses, luxury based on a 60 hour week for someone else!! And mass society tells them they made it.

Yet it is abusive to the own self to work soo much…and not taking the time to re-connect to the Inner vastness of your True Greater Self. The idea of spending hours in the office especially for someone else is not really leading us to an Inner Balance with the inner and outer world.

I can sometimes see myself doing just that
I  could then  need more stillness  and less work and less doingness and more being…so I run off into the beautiful forests around my living space and Mother nature calls me back to what is real; the creative forces of the Absolute in all its beauty and harmony.

The belief system of not being worthy can be based on the belief that something is basically wrong with me . That comes from a n experience we had in our upbringing or is engrained in our family roots. We made the decision ok something is wrong here, I am not part of the pack, because I had no father, my family was poor.

However, there are many examples of accomplished people who did not allow these adversities to stop  them from having a joyful Life.

It is not really what happened to us, but the decision our mind child made about this, the belief and the ongoing reactionary emotional cycle it keeps creating based on what happened. We always have a choice.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says
The suffering and happiness each of us experiences is a reflection of the distortion or clarity with which we view ourselves and the world.”

So first of all we must change our view of the world, our inner decisions we made and n the world around will change too. When our self image, our self worth is low, it does not matter how hard or clever we work we will not manifest the riches or the happiness we desire and deserve. One way to change our world is to change our habits.

Another way is to start simply changing one habit…

Habits are creating our behavior which is often detrimental to our goals or Inner calling like being healthy. It is not only important that we match our beliefs and thought pattern with our goals but also our habits. They are based on 3 steps as John Assaraf says. We discussed the work of John Assaraf already in the last episode and you can find more information and his website on my blog

Habits are based on first on a trigger then the routine follows which give then a reward. Trigger is an emotional engrained reaction, we are ..waking up and we think of coffee The routine is to go in the morning to the coffee machine and the Reward is we feeling more alive

You can change a habit when you have a routine  that gives you the same  reward without  drinking coffee…exercise, better eating habits, deep breathing, cold showe. Whatever works for you.  Therefore it is useful to become aware what are the triggers and what are the routines..and the rewards of my habits.

Like checking your emails right after getting up in the morning. Does that serve my goal to stay in an  Inner Peace and consciously connected to my Inner being when I focus on the demand of the world out there early in the day.

What is the reward=…what implicit belief is supported here ?

To speak with Paul Lowe philosophy the wisdom teacher of today …we cannot change the mind ..we move into the observer of the mind and  re-focus on who we really are and this is done by moving in the moment, as the mind is always in the past or the future, Our belief system also comes from our bloodlines, belief patterns of generations ago

They are genetically inheritated. Today  the woman I had lunch with discussed with me her scarcity beliefs. She shared that her Grandparents had a small child which died, because they did not have the money to bring her to a doctor. Well what beliefs does that create in the family history?

The woman is very active and self employed in her business. She kept saying hat she is not making enough, she does not have enough clients…at the same time she shared with me about these trainings and seminars she attended some of them costing 1000s of dollars. She lives the belief that I will always get what I just need and at the time she is not grateful for that and she rightfully wants more. .

I have been in the same situation in my Life and many years ago. Someone said maybe you will never have enough money, but do what you want to do anyway.  This belief works for both of us and yet it is not meaning to live wealthy.

Someone else shared in the past she applied all these techniques whch are now widely teached to create more money like the law of attraction, or the brain technology of John Assaraf is offering like imagination, affirmation self hypnosis . The woman finally got out of her scarcity situation with money and got exactly the amount of money she needed in her Life. Then she realized that she wanted to create goals and a supporting belief that she can have more then what she just needed, just to get by.

So we do create beliefs to survive and to cover up other hidden beliefs.

Today I heard someone saying that it is important not to let yourself get caught up in negative thoughts.  You are not your mind who makes distinction between good and bad, past and future, .you are an identical drop of water of the vast ocean of the Absolute consciousness, you are spirit learning to become human pause

The thinking mind creates time, it likes to dwell always either in the past or in in the future. Yet in the underlying reality there is not time and there is not matter madeof matter. Our eyes and brain  do not recognize  that the space in front of us is filled with active and energies, because the brain has no association of this reality.

For us it is empty space and then there is a table or wall…and also these are not as the brain constructs them…the table or the wall is a very dynamic field of wave functions. A field of moving energy.Our desires or goals  (for example having wealth) must be aligned with  the right beliefs and !! what I feel is  important to my Inner Being, it must be aligned with your Inner calling.

I think it is not every ones purpose to have a lot of money…some of us played that game in previous lives and this time they want to explore to just get by but to live happily on a organic farm.

So maybe we can think more along the lines of the word of abundance! Abundance of time, abundance of ideas, abundance of friends, abundance of freedom, abundance of nature around me…and so on. All this is something to be grateful for

Grandmother Parisha says the money game is easy.Money is simply energy and can be easily attracted…Love is much more challenging for us. .

You have been chosen! The omnipotent power of the creator did not make a mistake to put you here…right where you are  in this house,  with these people, in this nation
When we realize what our Inner calling is, we can  then  express that. Only when we do what we want, all else will follow health, happiness, inner peace, joy..and  luck. Luck is a constant stream of synchronicity because the universe supports us.

Grandmother Parisha says is more clearly:
All of us humans have been chosen by the Creator to come here and deliver your message/Purpose.

Fear of scarcity, or thinking in lack has to do with a lack of trust in Life, or Faith. Faith is not to believe we are a slave giving our power away to a punishing God father..as religion institutions have teached that to us for 1000 of years. Faith is to belief in your Inner Being, to follow your heart.

When I moved to the United States many years ago it felt very right to my heart and there was fear but the calling of the heart was stronger…the heart knows and the mind needs to follow, not the other way around.

When we follow our heart, our mind needs often to jump off from the comfortable, safe bank into the river..yet is it not a very powerful confirming experience to look back and see that the water carried you when you jumped.

A woman shared with me recently, that when she heard that her husband has a chronic depression, she as mother of 2 young children, she first faltered.. Sitting on the steps of the hospital where she just heard of the diagnosis she cried and she felt all her Life falling apart, the family, the financed the plans for the future. Then her Inner Being spoke in her saying its all gonna work out somehow. She took one first step trusting that it will work out and now she is still happily married since 37 years, having raised the 2 children together and holding her demanding job in the emergency unit of the hospital.

She took that first step, that  leap of faith of trusting her true mind, her heart. She had faith, as Grandmother Parisha calls it: trusting in one’s own sacredness..

And once we have jumped one time from the shore into the river or the ocean and learned that things worked out, our faith grows and our own ability to swim to new shores. Most of the time we  want to stay comfortable at the benk, but comfortable makes things stale and stagnant life is change like the running waters of the river. The river would die if it became stagnant.

Just like exercising my body each morning. Its sometimes uncomfortable it pulls and peeks here and there..but I know only by the stretching  my muscles can become stronger and grow. So our muscles of self reliance and faith grow, if we keep jumping forward. Fail forward…then we grow..

I like to share a saying from the famous German writer Rainer Maria Rilke from his well known book
“Letters to a young poet”.

I like to share from the German writer Rainer Maria Rilke from his book Letters to a young poet. Here he writes to a young man who is thinking about becoming a poet.
For if we think of this existence of the individual as a larger or smaller room, it appears evident that most people learn to know only a corner of their room, a place by the window, a strip of floor where they walk up and down, END OF QUOTE
Many settle for less.

Many years ago,  I organized seminars for an American professor who was deeply rooted in the spirituality of India and at the same time teaching at a college in the United States.  And in his opening remarks he always shared that there are so many people attending nowadays workshops, seminar, buy books and cd for and are on their spiritual path and at the same time many of them work still work in low paid jobs as a sales clerk or a clerk in or in the service industry as a waiter or waitress.

If we continue to aim low, we accommodate to a life alien to our true nature.

We set aside our possibilities and do your best to howl like the rest of the pack…and  barely we noticing what goes unexpressed from our core, our Inner Being. More is possible, there is always more possible.

The joy of being

Ask yourself Is there joy ease and lightness in what you are doing? And I quoted here Eckhart Tolle from his book Practicing the power of now. Eckhart Tolle who has German roots had a Samadhi experience, an experience of union with pure consciousness. In his teachings he is well known today speaking about only one thing: The power of the moment, of now.

Eckhart Tolle says further…if you are not at joy with what you doing it does not necessarily mean you need to change what you doing, leave your job or whatever

It may be sufficient enough to change the HOW, simply give ou full attention to what you doing and stop all thoughts of good enough. Of right results of fear of failure, just do whatever the moment presents. This means also one stops resisting what is happening, otherwise you cannot give your full attention and Be in the Now.

Accepting what is…is the key to move into the moment to quiet the mind child racing back and forth between distinction.

To move into the moment, it helps to be in gratefulness and count you blessings.

So I invite you to get a notebook or paper and write each day 6 blessings.  Simple things.

I took a short break and sat in our living room and appreciated all the green plants and flowers which are there, making me feel nurtured and surrounded by living beings.

Also I like you to identify a habit which you want to change identifying the trigger, the routine and the reward.

Allow me to gift you with a well known poem in Germany by a modern Austrian writer called Erich Fried. Erich Fried  (6 May 1921 – 22 November 1988) was an Austrian poet, essayist and translator. Born in a Jewish family in Vienna, he fled with his mother to London after his father’s murder by the Gestapo following the Anschluss with Nazi Germany. From 1952 to 1968 he worked as a political commentator for the BBC German Service. He translated works by Shakespeare, T S Eliot and Dylan Thomas. He died Germany, in 1988 and is buried in Kensal Green cemetery, London.  From https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Erich_Fried

The poem is called

What  It  Is

It is madness,
says reason
It is what it is,
says Love

It is calamity,
says caution
It is nothing but pain,
says fear
It’s futile,
says insight
It is what it is
says Love

It is ridiculous,
says pride
It is careless,
says caution
It is impossible
says experience
It is what it is
says Love. PAUSE

Erich Fried

So we are at the end of this episode. Thank you for listening in tonight.

please write to me with your comments share your s thoughts and give me input.

at my email justbeit13@gmail.com

And remember Always, always love yourself.

June 30 on belief systems

Excerpts from my shownotes

Just Be It show

June 30 on belief systems

Tonight I would like to discuss and explore more specifically what actually is a belief system, which are so strongly influencing our daily Life. ..

Yet, whatever we think about, we bring about.

Our Inner Dialogue about us and the world we interact is representing our beliefs like

Am I worthy, can I do this, this is really hard. And so on.

The 2nd question I would like to discuss is where do these thoughts come from??
In the last episode we learned how QP has proven that we as an observer indeed create the reality around us…and our hidden core belief shape the quality of Life.

And I would like to look at this idea of creating our reality based on some thoughts of Peter Russell studied mathematics and theoretical physics.

You can find more information about him and all others I am quoting in this episode on my blog justbeittalk.wordpress.com

It is certainly worthwhile to look closer at the workings of theses beliefs, as no matter

No matter how hard yu work, how many hours you work, how perfect and clever you do it, you will never outperform your limiting underlying beliefs which run in the background. They!! Are attracting our reality, not our doing ness. The way we are!! Being makes things happen.

Our deep values and hidden core beliefs shape who we are in our Being ness…ant it is the right being ness, the right attitude which attracts the quality of our Life. This was also said by Meister Eckhart in different words already 700 years ago.

Meister Eckhart ,Christian Mystics. In the 14th century in Germany, in his sermons

as a Dominican scholar he said

QUOTE: People should not worry as much about what they do but rather about what they are. If they and their ways are good, then their deeds are radiant. If you are righteous, then what you do will also be righteous. We should not think that holiness is based on what we do but rather on what we are, for it is not our works which sanctify us but we who sanctify our works. Meister Eckhardt

Changing our beliefs is changing our beingness.

You must change these beliefs change the way you are: as you will never be able no matter how hard yu work, how many hours you work, how perfect you do it, you will never outperform your limiting underlying beliefs which run in the background.

Changing our beliefs is e changing our beingness.

Whatever we think about, we bring about. Inner Dialogue

Peter Russell M.A., D.C.S., F.S.P.   Peter Russell is a fellow of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, of the deeper, spiritual significance of the times we are passing through. He has written several books in this area — The TM Technique, The Upanishads, The Brain Book, The Global Brain Awakens, The Creative Manager, The Consciousness Revolution, Waking Up in Time, and From Science to God.

There are, therefore, two realities. There is the physical reality–whatever is actually “out there” stimulating our senses–and there is the personal reality that we each experience, the reconstruction of the world that appears in our minds. And both are very real.

Some people claim that this is an illusion. Although it may all be a creation of the mind, but it is nonetheless very, very real–the only reality we ever know.

The illusion comes when we confuse the reality we experience with the physical reality, the thing-in-itself. Andin the old ancient Vedic scripts from India they spoke of this

Maya, better interpreted as delusion (a false belief about the world). I suffer a delusion when I believe the images in my mind are the external world. I deceive myself when I think that the tree I see is the tree itself. However Matter is not made of matter as our mind wants to tell us. We learned of Quantum physics, that it is rather a field of possibilities, electrons zooming around in a soup of energies, of waves of energies.

When I kick a stone, my intention to move my foot is communicated to my body, and my foot in the physical world moves to meet the physical stone. But I do not experience the interaction directly. The brain receives the information sent back by the eyes and body and updates my image of reality appropriately. Our brain filters the so called reality; we can never experience the soup of electrons directly. Our senses are also limited to perceive the so called reality of waves of energies directly.

For example our eyes, for example, are sensitive only to light in the narrow frequency range from 430,000 to 750,000 gigahertz (a gigahertz is a billion cycles per second). At lower frequencies is infrared (below red) radiation, and lower still are microwaves and radio waves. At higher frequencies we find ultraviolet (above violet) rays, and beyond them X-rays and gamma-rays. Our eyes detect none of these other frequencies.

This is just one tiny example how our senses and our brain give us an image of reality, but never the direct experience of the energized field of possibility around us,which is not matter.

It is for us ordinary people impossible to have a perception of the world around us as it is.

Our senses and our brain (which is conditioned by our belief system) will give us a very limited and distorted view of what we experience. But this does not mean it is entirely impossible to see things differently. Spiritual seekers from ancient and modern cultures

They have been able to change that limiting perceptions…by looking within. By investigating the Beingness, the Inner Being…What they have found out…is that the world is actually inside of us. Swami Muktananda, another contemporary sage, said:

You are the entire universe.
You are in all, and all is in you.
Sun, moon, and stars revolve within you.

And the Ashtavakra Gita, a highly venerated Indian text, states:

The Universe produced phenomenally in me, is pervaded by me…
From me the world is born, in me it exists, in me it dissolves.

These enlightened seekers knew and understood in a direct personal experience that their entire world is a manifestation within the mind.

So this perspective has been proven later by brain research, Quantum physics.

We are creating our own reality. And our core beliefs play an important part in this creation.


John Assaraf calls these implicit beliefs, hidden core beliefs that run in the background, like a software tuning computer, mostly we are not aware of them.

Where do our beliefs come from?
How are they shaping our reality?

Unfortunately they are based on our conditioning, the upbringing thru our families and the environment we lived in, and that came from their upbringing and reach back into patterns of our ancestors…they formed genetic patters, which were not only passed along by our upbringing but literally being passed down thru blood lines.

For example, Germany..Angst, anxiety, but also so called positive beliefs of hard work ethics perfectionism based on a deep insecurity and the fear of disaster and of uncertainties…

Many wars not just the 2nd world war, but the first world war, the deploying of millions of people in middle Europe, the 30 year old war in the 15/16th centuries…great uncertainties, rebuilding with hard work and discipline, accompanies by a sense of  powerless and anxiety-

Let’s have a brief look at mass consciousness

When we leave in cities especially our senses and brain is affected by constant stream of though pattern of fear, disaster, manipulation, and our belief systems consists of all our thoughts and emotions with different vibration frequencies which are coming from all directions. The mass consciousness is a close jungle of low frequencies, encroaching us, limiting us full of anxieties around security shelter, acceptance, and comparison of being good and bad.

As most of us are not aware of their underlying thought patterns nor are we consciously and active going against the bombardment of these mass consciousness, we are getting molded by them.  Our brain is not the creator of these thoughts, but rather a highly sensitive receiver…of these electrical charges of thought patterns around it. Each part of the brain can receive, save and amplify these thought frequencies.

The task of the brain is to receive the stream of consciousness floating around us, to transform it into electrical nerve reactions which are passed via our central nervous system into each cell of our body. And we have learned in our passed episode that each cell becomes addictive to repetitive thoughts and emotions which create our beingness. We are what we think, and what we think is our Life.

Now the brain does conceive these highly magnetic thought frequencies out of the stream of consciousness around us. Based on its own structure…meaning based on its upbringing and neuron nets created in its family and environment. The neurological patterns set in our brain are belief systems which attract the thoughts fitting these beliefs.

Another good example is the core belief of working hard:

In society many of us got teached, we need to work hard for money, and our parents with their upbringing have teached us the same…One of the strongest lessons we receive from our parents and from society is if you are not doing, if you are not working hard, you are not worthwhile. How many of us are afraid of idle, quiet time when nothing is to be done?

How many of us had parents who teached us that it’s good to be instead of doing all the time.

Working hard many hours needs to fill often the addiction for attention and acceptance..coming from an inner unworthiness. If we would believe in our true nature, with unique and unbounded abilities, with the ability to express our own individual talents and dream our world, we would have to have a matching belief: that we are special, that we are unique, that we are God children and worthy simply because we exist not because we work many hours and work hard.

Simply because of whom we are Being, not of what we are doing.

But busyness, doingness has become a major factor in our Life.

Not beeing productive inside the demands of society, is seen as bad, as failure…and one feels immediate fallen outside of society, when he/she decides to become an artist a poet or a musician……

Unworthiness is a widely spread thought patters for many of us.

Children watching…saying their names. and I watched normal bright 3 year old having difficulty to clearly say their name to speak up in front of other children. …not just the parents but around us is a stream of consciousness who keeps us small and indaedquate.our society is based on not making mistake..be good adjust yourself function,

The grading system in the school institution is based on grading  mis-takes, they are

punished by grades and many more subtle messages..Perform inside the demands of the system otherwise you fail, you are not worthy. Our whole society is based on the belief that you are not allowed to fail, to make a mis-take, it is punished with non-accpetance.

And I have seen the better way in alternative school system as a language consultant.

In the reform school movement of Montessori school each child no matter how old presents the result of its self organized learning lesion they had. They stand in front of a mixed age class of fellow students and proudly present their results. What does that do for a child and its self esteem? These children clearly had a strong identity of self and there was no fear or shaming when they spoke about themselves.

Religious institution have done their part to mold the believe of our inadequacies as humans

As sinners …passed along in generations before us.

So we are exposed to a stream of mass consciousness which fails to invoke in our children and in us as adults of our potential, our talents our uniqueness, our true nature as a powerful consciousness identical with the Absolute consciousness the God like nature that we are.

So no matter how much we are doing and working hard to become rich, if for most of us there is a deep sense of unworthiness, of not being ok, just because we are…we will not make it to be wealthy. Money is energy expressed in coins and bills…and our thoughts and beliefs are magnetic frequencies who must meet that energy.

We must have the matching belief to our goal, our whole beingness needs to align .doingness alone is not effective.

Money will be given to us, if we belief we deserve it.

The same with relationships, happiness and health.

The universe can only give us what we believe we can handle

So if you think you cannot handle it (like lots of money) it will not be part of our reality.

We also learn that money is the root of all evil, and many of us are afraid what people would think if we would be rich or we re afraid of the response ability wealth brings…

Yet then we see that there are so called bad people who have lots of money How come?

Don’t I have to be a good person to be rich (that is one of my core beliefs I need to work with)

Yet Beliefs are very distinct. Again: It is the belief which matches the goal.

As long as the belief is there in society and in themselves that they deserve it, even if they ac badly they will still get it.

These bad people really believe they deserve to be rich no matter what happens. And they also do not mind to be seen as greedy …we often do.

Everything in the universe is energy; matter is crystallized energy, like ice and water. There are different forms, but it’s all the same energy. Our thoughts are highly vibrating magnetic energies attracting other energies.

So all is based on vibration, on frequency specific vibration. When we change our vibrational thought patterns – our beliefs – into higher frequencies we will manifest high frequencies around us in form of wealth, happiness. Things run more smoothly not hard, slow and difficult like lower frequencies.

So we must awaken to our potential and clearly define new positive thoughts and mold them into our brain and body. We can start with a simply but very powerful thought that of gratitude.

My fist spiritual teacher always said count your blessing, too often I kept looking at what was not working instead of what was working.(which is a bit a disease in the German culture)

Smiling…so counting my blessings, being grateful of what is already in my Life, and who I am in my potentials makes a big difference.

So often I take the generosity of the universe for granted. No man is an island and realizing that all my gifts and blessings are based on the deep connection with humanity and Mother nature around me is worthwile. It attracts more of the same I am grateful for.

Another positive thought we can form a strong hard wire in our brain receiver is that of Love and service to others…helping others is the most powerful act to move into self love and self respect. It is an act which connects us to our spiritual nature, as we are moving beyond the limiting anxious ego self into something greater in the relationship with the other we serve.

The simple gift of Love and Kindness can change us forever into a new beingness and dissolve core beliefs of uncertainty and unworthiness. In our busyness we are often cowardly when it comes to spread kindness and joy.

Yet there is no quick fix. The quick fix is part of the unhealthy belief system of mass mind.

Changes take time and we need to be gentle with ourselves when we move ahead, adjusting our course to our own uniqueness. I have found for myself that it’s no mind t just an intellectual process not enough to work with the brain …our hole being, including the body mind spirit unit of me must be included. What food am I eating, do I exercise, and do I have enough sleep

Do I take timeout in nature?

And I have found pathways into the energetic patterns of my body through tapping work.

Solo each of us must find their own unique ways to dissolve outdated core beliefs, to take charge of ones own thinking and become all that we can be.

Again as said in the last episode to dissolve one negative core belief, it would be best to create a pattern of 3 positive thoughts and ACT upon them. So it’s important not just to do affirmations or writing a positive thought down but we must BE IT by acting it.

By becoming Love and Gratitude we change our Beingness, and dissolve old outdated beliefs.

Expect the highest, the most wonderful things to happen right now. And realize that nothing is too good.

Thank you for listening and I will be back next Saturday with another episode of Just Be it.



June 22 consciousness creates

Just Be It blog talk radio show

Excerpts of show notes

 June 22, Consciousness creates

 Tonight I want to discuss the following questions:

What are some of the findings of quantum theory and modern science that tell us:

 indeed we are in each moment creating our Life.
Why is it so difficult to be the Co-Creator and have a Life of health, wealth and happiness.

What actually stops us? And we will look at some first steps how to move beyondThat.

We will discuss material from John Assaraf and his Neuroscientical approach to supporting positive changes in our Life, we will hear from Grandmother Parisha, the Indian Teacher Paramahansa Yogananda , Dr. Fred Allan Wolf, Willi Harmann, Kabir and others.

In the last 4 episodes I discussed quantum physics more in detail and also consciousness and science. You can find excerpts of my show notes and more information on my blog justbeittalk.wordpress.com. Here you also find a video about the famous Double Slit experiment.

Last Saturday we looked at the idea of consciousness and that this indeed the primary source of everything and we are identical with it. We looked at the wisdom of old ancient texts that all is consciousness, alls things around us are filled with this Absolute consciousness, the Brahman. The non local experiment or entanglement experiment of Quantum physics proves that there is indeed a transcendent field which is able to connect beyond light speed.

I would love to hear from you so please write tome at justbeit13@googlemail.com.

How do you liked this show, and is there anything you like to share or add to what I am discussing. Your participation is very welcomed.

Even until today there is no conclusive evidence that Life is caused by some means other than consciousness.

However consciousness based theories propose that conscious observation is the cause of  all reality around us. Indeed physical reality as you see it does not really exist, nor is the principle of causing our world.

Reality how we see it comes in place thru us an observer.

The world exists when we don’t look at it in some strange state that is indescribable., we discussed before that it is mostly 99 % empty space. QP it is a field of wave functions ..a field of possibilities.  Then when we look at it, it becomes absolutely ordinary, as though someone were trying to pull something over our eyes — the world is an illusion. The table in front of you is a field of moving electrons and protons surrounded by a vibrating, very active empty space.

Dr. Fred Allan Wolff

Quantum possibilities transform into actualities.

“Our live follow paths that we freely experience by using our abilities to choose from complementary possibilities in each moment”.

Reality is not a static thing and there is not just this and then another object separately,  quantum physics has developed the idea of complementary meaning the core of all existence is just a cloud of interaction of interdependency, there is not just one thing causing it, one electron, one body wave or particle but all is in a cloud of interdependency open to any possible outcome.

It is impossible to find one particle which is not interdependent from another there is dualism.

All is intrinsically connected.

Now, if really everything is connected to everything, if there really is only a oneness, everything then affects everything, and everything is the cause of everything in a certain sense, so that the whole idea of causality has to be revis  Willis Harman. Willis Harman hold a Ph.D. in engineering and worked at the Stanford Research Institue for 16 years and also for over 20 years at the institute of Noetic Science.

So modern science and conscious based science say, that our consciousness is in constant interaction with this cloud of interdependency the field of possibilities around us.This field is y a vibrating, extremely active soup of energy. Our consciousness which is also energy in the form of our thoughts, our feelings our beliefs – our Being interacts with this soup constantly (aware or not aware of it) and manifests our reality

There is no strict division between our reality and so called objective reality. Consciousness and the physical Universe are connected in very fundamental ways.

However one of the main false perceptions most of us have is  we perceive ourselves as separate from our environment.
Yet the observer in the sence of QP and the so called objective reality are one.

Does this sound familiar from another perspective

In the worldview shared by indigenous peoples everywhere, despite many differences  the universe, nature, is alive and sacred, all beings in it are related, and they call all other beings their relations. :the rocks, the waters, the winds, the creatures, the people, the spirits and so on. They see their  role within nature is to hold it sacred and to live in a balance with it. Each relation has a consciousness, and it is spoken o that like that.

So if you think that this is just a nice romantic idea we know that it has very practical outcome: Shamans and Healers have gained great powers and wisdom from this world view.

Plants spoke to them to tell them that hey can heal, trees and rocks give information about the surroundings, communication with animals is possible….many miraculous healings have been performed by the indigenous people in all cultures and still today. Their rituals and ceremonies take into account the understanding that all is connected, every relations every wind coming is a communication, a sign, a gift. How can that be otherwise if one clearly understood that what Quantum physics has now discovered too, all is in an interdependent constant interaction which leads to the co-creation of reality.

 Each individual  soul is all powerful and can create or destroy.. You and all others are interconnected by our mutual possession of all there is. You may create alternative universes if you wish and dwell within. You are all a duplicate of the Absolute consciousness in  which you dwell. Our consciousness and mind represents all that exists.

Similar claims have often been made in spiritual teachings, particularly Indian philosophy (and I shared some of it from the ancient texts of the Upanishads in prev episodes. Also the founding father of Yoga . Patanjali’s  speak of the entire world as chitta vritti, “the modifications of mind-stuff”.

Kabir the famous poet of India who lived in 14 century speaks of the Mayan, the illusion of and the no-thingness and oneness of all. .

There’s no road to tread,
No traveller ahead,
Neither a beginning, nor an end.

There’s no water, no boat, no boatman, no cord;
No earth is there, no sky, no time, no bank, no ford.

You have forgotten the Self within,
Your search in the void will be in vain;
In a moment the life will ebb
And in this body you won’t remain.

Be ever conscious of this, O friend,
You’ve to immerse within your Self;
Kabir says, salvation you won’t then need,
For what you are, you would be indeed.

 So far I have been trying to discuss some findings of Quantum physics which support the idea of creating reality. The main one is the idea of interdependency.

We are using scientific arguments to discuss the Mystical experience, our Inner Being.

Yet, in some way science as it is done today does some injustice to the great mystery which is timeless and self aware. As said before our mind cannot really grasp these concepts, yet by listening to some of these findings of modern science I think we can expand our awareness, and the way we perceive the world.

I am curious to hear from you what you think. Please write to me at justbeit13@googlemail.com

So with our own perception we navigate us through the multidimensional possibilities around us…we see that which we put our attention too. We see what we believe.
With the right beliefs the right attention we can create our realities and can create miracles. As discussed and proven in Quantum physics, our individual consciousness is the observer in interaction with  the wave function of the cloud of interdependency.

In other words, we see only that what we believe (being aware of it or not) and with our attention guided by our beliefs we create our own reality in our Life. It is us the observer who collapses the field of possibility, the cloud of interdependency into actuality.

Yet let us come to the question now, why does it seem so hard to be the Co-Creator of a Life of wealth, health and happiness?

What hinders us to become aware and conscious of the powerful omnipotent Being that we truly are which is in constant communication with the All That is.

As Grandmother Parisha says: You are never not plugged into Source! Least you would not be alive”

Yet so many of us live mediocre lives not daring to do what we love…

Yet we know if we do what we love (expressing our own god given gifts and purpose our individual unique talents and heart desire  ) if we do what we love money we know will follow.

Yet when we create wealth out of fear of poverty with no inner vision… it will not make us happy…

When something does not seem possible it may well be that our vision is off center.

Nothing happens without our seeing with inner visions. Nothing can happen without our acknowledging the possibility of inner vision. Talk with your inner vision and then expect something wonderful to happen. Invite it to come in more clearly. END OF QUOTE Cherokee Feast of days by Joyce Sequiche Hilfer

So it is important to create a vision of who we are and what our Inner calling is.

To see what is it that brings us joy to do, that comes easily without effort, that makes us feel whole and with purpose, and energizes us. Yet once we have found that passion, there seems to be difficulty to create it, to manifest our dreams and visions.

Instead we are starting to ask questions:

Can I do this? Do I deserve it? What if I fail?

What will people think about me, doing this?
Grandmother Parisha calls this” the 75 % wall”. We do a bit of hard work then we stop, we encounter opposition, things do not work out smoothly anymore and we give up. Have you been there?

I have and still am in many of my dreams and visions I like to see manifested.

Every day we have to deal with what we believed yesterday, says Dr. Robert Anthony.You are what you think about yourself.

So it seems that our  beliefs deep  inside of us hold off our own best, our happiness..

I like to take a look at some of the things John Assaraf says about the beliefs.

John Assaraf developed a program which helps people to reach their maximum potential.

And you can find more information about him and his website on my blog.

He makes a distinction between Explicit beliefs and implicit beliefs. The explicit beliefs are things we learned in school or in professional training.

The implicit beliefs  are the deep hidden beliefs the shadow part of us. This is where our self image, the things we fear, that what we secretly believe we can do and cannot do, hides

Things like procrastination, worry, self-doubt lack of confidence, our uncertainties

These underlying beliefs cause a couple of things to happen

Whenever we start a project, want to create a vision or a dream in our life, we start to have doubts,  we ask ourselves these questions again..

We give into the resistance (I had a whole episode on resistance. Remember? Resistance is a messenger. It wants us to look and find that deep implicit belief system that stops us)

A belief is a pattern like a coding it is based on the conditioning, the decisions you made about things from the past…created also neurological  hardwired over time in our brain , being reinforced. …got what I believed…reinforced my belief.

An example could be that I believe I am not good enough, I never gonna be good enough it..leads to a fear of failure that I won’t succeed. Procrastination sets in and I am actually failing and so reinforcing the belief I am not good enough.. However the fear of failure  is  more a thought pattern caused by much deeper underlying beliefs like: I am not good enough, I am not worth it…coming from our decisions we made about past experiences and past conditioning.

These beliefs are fueled by feelings…feelings as we heard before from Dr. Dispenza are solely based on past experiences…

So these beliefs manifests in our body posture, our speech…it is manifested as a neurological pattern in our brain. Even if you do not focus on it, its running in the background just like a computer software running in the background on a computer.

You never can outperform your self image,no matter how hard you try, says  John Assaraf

However you can change your brain.

It is called Neuroplasticity and research has shown that you  literally we can dissolve the hard wired neurological patterns which represent our implicit underlying beliefs

Research has shown that stroke patients who suffered for example from speech impairment were able  through consistent training to change their nerve cells and neurological structures to be able to speak again.

Or just as Grandmother Parisha says:

Your Life is exactly what and how you think – you are as you are!

So be different and things will be different.

So we first must change our old beliefs systems and create beliefs which match up with the goals we have, says John Assaraf.

John Assaraf suggests to identify core negative beliefs.

You have  to have 3 positive thought/ beliefs to eliminate one negative one, based on the research of Barbara Pearce. He says that this research has shown it takes about 56 days minimum of intense focus to change it…90 to 180 days of consistent reinforcement of the 3 positive beliefs which will eventually eliminate the neuro patterns in your brain, dissolve the hardwire of one core negative belief.

Beliefs create habits

Change a little habit  every day.

Neuroscience research proved that changing one little habit it will set up a response system in your brain: when you can do this you can do more…and it grows.
So we can start a habit of consistency.

 When you have conherence you attract what you need, says John Assaraf-

Coherence is the alignment of our beliefs wit our goal (for example, our belief of worthiness matches our financial goal).

Coherence is also that your goal matches your inner vision, your Gods given purpose. Becoming a mountain climber or very wealthy might not be really your purpose and incongruent with your inner calling.

Maybe instead of being a wealthy banker, one is supposed to live on the country and write beautiful inspiring books.

So we must align ourselves with the appropriate belief system and our Inner calling, our souls purpose. .

 Of course it is not enough to work on your neurological patterns of your brain by simply chaning a core belief system. John Assaraf has a whole package of methods, he is using, to move into your maximum potential: Guides self hypnosis, subliminal programming, visualization, guided medition and other sources. He is alsomentioning EFT, Emotional Freeing Technique, also known as Tapping.

And in future episode I will look into that more deeply as I have applied that method.

Where we had a first look how quantum physics shows how we create our reality and what is actually stopping us from doing so.

Who is the most important person your Life? Often we live the agenda of our parents, our teachers we follow the rules and values of mass society and an educational system which reduces us often to successful working bees.

We live and I see myself in this too, not who we are, but what we learned we are supposed to be..

The most important person in your Life is YOU.

Start today to live in this self respect, change one habit…

Take on goal

Take on habit to change

Write down your doubts, fears and uncertainties

Write out what is important ot you, what is calling you to do.

 All you have to do to have health, wealth and happiness is think of it and live as it

You are loved and all is provided for what you need…

There is a vast world inside you and a vast world around us unseen but nevertheless indescribable powerful possibilities lie right in front of you.

Our consciousness, our beliefs and our habits can bring them into reality.

“Whatever we perceive we can receive. Whenever we can form of image –in our imagination- then it is entirely possible. “ Cherokee Feast of days by Joyce Sequiche Hilfer

June 16 consciousness and science

On consciousness and science

Excerpts from the shownotes of the Just Be it blog talk radio show

On consciousness unlimited blog talk radio on June 16

In the last 2 episodes I discussed science and God, discussing the limiting view of materialistic science which is still widely teached in uni and schools and focusing, limiting because they do still leave the idea of God out of their equations.  We also looked into some key findings of modern science in quantum physics.

Please also do write to me. I love to hear what you liked and what you want to me discuss in this show..you can contact me at justbeit13@googlemail.com.
So ultimately we cannot with our mind grasp the idea of the Absolute consciousness.
But something in us, the Divine Being we are, will resonate to the information, and concepts I am discussing today from science, especially QP. So my intention is that this will be a contribution to preparing you to move beyond these concepts into a deeper realization of who you are.

It was Albert Einstein who spoke about the relationship of matter, space and time, the interdependency of each other. It was quantum physics who added another important component : the observer, meaning consciousness, a sentient being.

Let me take a brief moment to recapture 2 key findings of Quantum physics which relate to the discussion of consciousness. You can find more information about that in my previous episodes and on my blog. However as Einstein said, a lot of theory nothing has come close yet to the Old Man (meaning God)..however if we look at the Absolute consciousness, the ultimate Beingness as God and the key findings of QM we might come closer to the Old Man.
The observer, consciousness
Quantum Physics tells us in the famous double slit experiment the following:
The smallest part of something, we call quantum  in form as photons (smallest quantum of light) or in form of  electrons are not really particles of matter. They are a field of potential, a field of pure vibration. When this field is observed by us, measured so to speak, all these wave like qualities collapse into a particle.. All this has been proven mathematically but cannot be demonstrated visually. Keep in mind that the words quantum, electrons and so on are just analogies.

The idea of non locality proven in an QP experiment (which I will speak about more detail later in this episode) might point to an Absolute which encompasses All that is.

It is modern scientist and thinkers who brought the idea of consciousness into this discussion.

Dr. David Yurth, is a cientist writer and Phd in the field of cosmology says:
There is no such thing as objective science. We cannot separate the observer and the means of observation from that which is observed PAUSE because Consciousness is embedded in the process.”

Classical physics investigates the relationship of one thing to another. However it never asked for the intrinsic nature of that it does observe. It actually looks just at the effect of something from the outside By Looking from the outside In.
Of course science will never find see consciousness as a fundamental property or force.

This reductionist view of science was also critized by Heisenberg and Max Planck., the founding fathers of Quantum physics. Both of them felt that religious and science can work together said Max Planck and Heisenberg expressed that the discoveries they made in demands for a holistic view, a metaphysical discussion.

However  in Buddhism and in the scripture of the Upanishads of ancient India, in Taoism, it is very much part of their philosophy.

Whatever appears, like the stars and planets in the sky,
is the display of the self-appearing attributes of intrinsic awareness
in the vast expanse of ultimate nature.
says Sogpo Tentar, a Tibetan Rinpoche.

So what is this intrinsic awareness, this consciousness?
If we look at the definitions of lexica or science we speak of a the quality of being aware, of something within oneself, or the ability to imagine in oneself something of future actions.
However all this can also be done by a machine. The various definitions of consciousness by science allow for a lot of speculation, especially in brain research.
I use consciousness is in the context of the old scripture of the Vedic seers, the Upanishads, which hold the Vedanta, the end of the sacred knowledge (sacred knowledge meaning veda).
The word Upanishads means sitting close to the feet…these were carefully passed on oral teachings, the oldest about 1.500 years ago. They are based on sharing of seers, who were able to consciously connect to that pure consciousness, which they called the Brahman.

One of the statements made in the Upanishads is the Brahman, the Absolute is consciousness.
A consciousness which reflects on itself.
And Shankara the famous teacher says in his famous to the Upanishads, that Brahman cannot be described, because description implies distinction. Yet the Brahman cannot be distinguished because it is ALL THAT IS.

The non local experiment, or also called entanglement theory in Quantum physics.
It is the experiment by the French physicist Alain Aspects and called the Aspect experiment.
What happens in this experiment is that an atom emits two photons meaning quanta of light going opposite ways each in a far distance from each other. ,  (so they were entangled which is why we also speak about entanglement experiment)   Yet these 2  photons affect one another’s state  without exchanging any signals through space.  Instantaneously they are affecting each other.

The influence is immediate so it does not travel by the speed of light. Therefore it could not have traveled through space. Instead the influence on each others states of the 2 photons must belong to a transcendent domain of reality.
This instant influence points in the view of many modern scientist like Dr. Fred Allan Wolf or Dr. Goswami  to the idea that there is as transcendent field, , a God’s self, a self reflecting being Indeed, for all we know, consciousness may be an intrinsic quality of the underlying reality of the entire universe.

Now let us look at the search of science to the question: what came first, consciousness or matter?
Science and especially brain research keeps looking in the wrong direction, as it does not see consciousness as the primary force. This understanding is still widely common, even though there are puzzled by the findings of  Quantum physics.

Science and especially brain research still asks the wrong: question: How does the material world—the world of space, time and matter—give rise to consciousness?  the non local experiement – I just described – shows however that space, time and matter fall from their absolute status, to be replaced by consciousness (the inner light) in the world of experience.

The question we should be asking is the exact opposite. How is that consciousness, which seems so non-material, can take on the material forms that we experience? How do space, time, color, sound, texture, substance, and the many other qualities that we associate with the material world, emerge in consciousness? What is the process of manifestation within the mind? These questions have been written by the physicist Peter Russell who was once working with Stephen Hawking.

Peter Russell also says and I quote:
“Instead of matter being primary, and the source of everything we know, including mind;consciousness becomes primary, and the source of everything, including matter, as we know it. For a second time, the universe has been turned inside out.

You can find more information Peter Russell and Dr. Goswami on my blog justbeittalk.wordpress.com

Let us turn back to ancient wisdom from India and quote from  the Mayavada Sutra says about consciousness

The Mayavada Sutra  is based on the vedic scriptures of the ancient seekers, as the sutra is an extensive commentary by Shankara on the 10 Upanishads teachings.

And it says:  Only The Absolute consciousness exists, everything else is Illusion.

 “. The absolute consciousness is the one and only Beingness, which is the One Base for all the diversity of Life itself. “

“And there is not really emptiness, everything is filled with the Absolute consciousness.”13.13

Although, Shankara cautions the reader to handle this material carefully and only if he has advanced from selfish and egoistical thought, , it does not free us from the responsibility to be a decent human being.
John Richardson says: consciousness is the very Nature of Being. And if consciousness is Its Nature, then dynamic self-reflection is Its Experience.

Now let us look at the The observer individual consciousness the Atman, the Divine in us individual consciousness.

Quantum physics  says : An observer’s looking is essential in order to manifest possibility into actuality, and so only when the observer looks, only then does the entire thing become manifest—including time. The observer collapses the vibrational field of possibility into matter, space and time.

Already in the 1930’s Sir James Jeans an English physicist and mathematician, teaching at Cambridge and Princeton university said: and I quote: 
If the physical world is not absolute,
the energetic forces we attribute to this world also may not be fundamental. In some sense they, too, may come from us!
How did that observer come in place:
Out of the Absolute, the Beingness thru self-reflection an conscious, sentient being arose and the entire universe came into being, matter..

Dr. Goswami says: The universe is self-aware, but it is self-aware through us. We are the meaning of the universe. In other words we are we are an aspect of the Absolute consciousness. And in a kind of strange way it needs us to manifest matter in our world. . It is thru this play und through us simply (created by the self-reflecting Absolute consciousness) that the God’s self can become aware of itself.

As Grandmother Pa’Ris’Sha says: The universe is in us, and we are the universe.
The scripture of the Upanishads expresses 4 main principles, the Vedanta:

tat tvam asi —  Thou art that
meaning our Inner Divine Being is identical with the Brahman the consciousness.

prajñânam brahma —  consciousness is Brahman

aham brahmâsmi —  I am Brahman

ayam âtmâ brahma — This self in you is Brahman.
Our inner divine self, the Atman, is identical with the Absolute consciousness.
The same and identical comes also across with the saying of Sri Ramakrishna

“Those who cannot find god in themselves will never find him outside of himself.
But those, who find him in the temple of his own soul, can see God also in the temple which the universe is. “

And again the words of mystics cut through all this coming from the experience with the Divine in and the Absolut around them. So the Spanish nun and Christian mystics Theresa of Avila had long and consistent visionary experience. . From there she spoke the words in ecstasy::

“Our bodies

are the leaves of God.

The apparent seasons of life and death our eyes can suffer;

but our souls, dear, I will just say this forthright: they are God Himself,

Meister Eckhart who also spoke from an experience of Samadhi, of immersing into pure consciousness, and who lived in the 1400 in Germany in a  Dominican order.:And he said

Every act reveals God and expands His being.
I know that may be hard to comprehend.
All creatures are doing their best
to help God in His birth of Himself.

I like to speak about some PRACTICAL IMPLICATIONS of all this.

The truth cannot be said, if it said it is not the trutz LaoTse .

So the mind who is seeking cannot really understand consciousness, it is really beyond its grasping. Whenever the mind hears something it has to refer to information, associations that have been collected and it assumes then a meaning on the base of that.

And I have shared many times ago many who had Samadhi, the immersion into pure consciousness were unable to describe it…only their poetry helped us to get a glimpse of what they had experienced.

As it is said before: the moment we want to describe it, we must make distinction, but the Absolute consciousness has not opposite….it is transcendent.

First we need to realize that  Quantum physics is just beginning of an understanding.

Second, that the mind cannot understand it, as it is in another state. And makes distinctions and association to what it already knows.

So as Paul Lowe says in this context it seems easy to give up family, jobs and matrial things when one is seeking, but to Giving up what you think you know and who you think you are, is much more challenging.  it won’t be realized only when we stop attempting To understand, says Paul Lowe.

Unless you leave your father, mother sister said Jesus Christ, you will not reach the kingdom of god. It is an analogy and means leave your attachment, your experience with them
Most of all we must empty ourselves, clear our emotions and become still.

or as Meister Eckhart the German Christan Mystics said 600 years ago so clearly:

“Since it is God’s nature not to be like anyone, we have to come to the state of being nothing in order to enter into the same nature that He is. [German sermon 7,)”

So is this here just another mind game. Not completely. Something in us, our own divine inner Being, the Atman resonates with the things we discuss here. The more we hear  these thoughts, the more we expand our own individual consciousness…It can support us eventually in our endeavor to be, to not know … and to then simply know the One.

I invite you to read and comprehend this words from your heart., they are from Eckhart Tolle, a man who had experienced pure consciousness and shares his wisdom nowadays with all who open to hear: And I quote
There are three words that convey the secret of the art of living, the secret of all success and happiness:
One with Life. Being one with life is being one with Now. You then realize that you don’t live your life, but life lives you. Life is the dancer and you are the dance.

The word enlightenment conjures up the idea of some
superhuman accomplishment, and the ego likes to keep
it that way, but it is simply your natural state of felt oneness  with Being.
It is a state of connectedness with something immeasurable and indestructible, something that, almost paradoxically, is essentially you and yet is much greater than you.
It is finding your true nature beyond name and form.”

Quantum physics also points to another important implication. We are co-creators and can create our own reality our Life. And after all these concepts lin the next episode look at some aspects how we do this and how we can consciously and actively create our Life. We are already doing it consciously or not.

I love to know what you think please write to me at justbeit13@googlemail.com

Always, always love yourself.

June 9 science and God part 2

Excerpts from shownotes from the blog talk radio show

JUST BE IT on consciousness unlimited blog talk radio

In this part 2 of our episodes Science and God we will look at the following questions

Where does the word quantum, quanta come from?

If quantum physics says matter is just one of many realities , what do we actually see and feel around us then?

Is science moving closer to describe God, pure consciousness?

We will look at the idea of entanglement or non locality in quantum physics-

And we will look how2 fathers of modern quantum physics Planck, Heisenberg dealt with the idea of religions.

Modern science is now slowly discovering and confirming what the wisdom of indigenous people all over the world and sages and seekers  1000 of years ago already knew.

The main paradigm in our society is still the materialistic view of classical science. Here one  never ask the question of this seemingly immeasurable existence of God, but looks only at that which can be measured and fits into the mechanical view of its natural laws. and  we also see increasingly number of modern scientist are telling us about remarkable findings in the field of science and also are willing to explore the idea of God, a greater consciousness being part of our existence.

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Quanto, Quanto….

In year of 1900 Max Planck was looking into the question how much energy does an atom have.  Working on light and temperature and the basic questions was: How much energy is there? How much, quanto…? Quant comes from the Greek language and means How much?

Max Planck was the most important German physicist in the beginning of 1900. He was only able to have an answer on this questions when he quantized the energy, meaning

It was not one consistent stream of energy as classical physics like to see it a continuum, but  unbelievable discreet packages of energies, one after the other like small pearls on a string
Max Planck called them´simply quantum, quanta from the word How much in Greek. In classical physics, energy is a continuum. In subatomic domains, energy states exist in discrete small packages. or energy levels like rungs on a ladder among which particles “jump randomly.”

So  Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck is considered to be the inventor of quantum theory. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

Yet it was actually Albert Einstein who made quantum physics popular.

Einstein found that also Light exists of small packages of energies…quanta of light. These particles of light are called photons. This was the breakthrough for the idea of quantum physics. Today we detect electrons, protons, and photons light quants. These smallest units of lights are present all over our universe.

I like to point out that the jargon of quantum physics like spin, particles and waves, are all analogies and images to mathematical formulas…one cannot ever see a particle or a wave but calculate its existence. It was Werner Heisenberg who simply proved through mathematical calculation that a quant (the smallest unit of something) cannot be identified as a location and momentum at the same time. BECAUSE!!  the observer will always influence the result. One could only calculate various probabilities, a field of possibilities.

This was and is of course not at all accepted by classical physics and even too much for  Einstein
This is when he wrote his famous reply (known as God doesn not throw dice)  in a letter and I quote: : “The quantum mechanic should receive a lot of respect. But an Inner voice tells me, that this is not the final. Theory does deliver much, aber it does not get us closer to the mystery of the Old Man. Anyway I am convinced that the Old Man does not throw dice. (Letter to Max Born, December 1926).   I found it interesting that Einstein speaks about an Inner voice, an intuition.

No mainstream scientist today would be allowed to use Inner voice or intuition.

And here is Niels Bohr reply

Einstein, don’t tell God what to do. (Niels Bohr in response to Einstein)
Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum physics cannot possibly have understood it. …. When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images. It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how Nature is. Physics concerns what we say about Nature. (Niels
Bohr, On Quantum Physics, 1885-1962).

So Niels Bohr admitted,  that science is only what we think and see as reality.
So the task of physics is not to look at the  intrinsic qualities, the substance behind what has been found..I also like how he admits that the language of quantum physics is close to poetry , vague and speaking in images, yet it holds an empirical truth, clearly proven by mathematically formulas..

One has to expand his way of thinking to move beyond the  cross matter …if one moves to a microscopic level of the surface of the table one can already see  “mountain and canyons” , then looking deeper I can measure vibrating atoms. That what we call matter is just a vibrating wave  potential, no one knows what it is really.

“Matter is regarded as being constituted by a region of space in which the field is extremely intense…. There is no place in this new kind of Physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.Albert Einstein

In other words matter consist 99 % of empty space, which is in itself not empty at all.

“Enough with such questions! –
Let silence take you to the core of life.

All your talk is worthless
When com
pared to one whisper
of the Beloved.”

From Ode 442 trans. by Jonathan Star and Shahram Shiva
A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi


Experiments have shown that there are connections outside of space and time—outside of space and time! They did an experiment in  that an atom emits two  light quanta, 2 photons.
Notice they have been first entangled/connected in the atom. They are sent opposite ways, and somehow these photons affect one another’s behavior at a distance, without exchanging any signals through space.  Instantaneously, and  Einstein said the speed of light is the fastest speed, now that has been questioned by the instant connection. The full implications of non-locality may be beyond our grasp still…even if the photons would be light years apart the connection is instant, in the moment one looks at one photon the other instantly receives the signal to also show its state.

The illusion of the classical scientific paradigm is shattered by the quantum principle and also their . assumption that there is an immutable objective reality “out there” that is totally independent of what happens in consciousness “in here.” .

In the 1920 Bohr, Heisenberg and even early Max Planck spoke against the idea of so called positivism, a reductive only empirical based science which did not allow any room anymore for deeper philosophical questions, even though Max Planck did clearly speak in lectures and writings that quantum theory actually demands to look beyond, to discuss metaphysics or say it clearly to …looking at the fundamental question of God..

Werner Heisenberg speaks in his book” The part and the whole” about:

Is it not worth it  to find behind the order of structures in a larger sense consciousness…And these structures could be its intention. Calling it consciousness might be too much from a human perspective…and its not clear in a scientific sense but we must be allowed to think this said Werner Heisenberg.

Quantum theory and its experiment leaves too many questions:

What is this empty space of 99 % in matter?

How do the former entangled 2 photons instantaneously connect?

What causes the electrons, photons  act randomly and seemingly chaotic?
Quantum theory forces a new kind of logic in science that is still mathematical and discipliced.

The Nobel prize physicist Eugene Wigner of Princeton has repeatedly written that consciousness is at the root of the quantum measurement problem.

Yet classical science still beliefs in a Lifeless mechanism,  a clock held by the endless cycle of matter, space and time…
As Elisabet Sahtorius, the evolutionary biologist writes:
“It was utterly illogical to eliminate the inventor engineer while keeping the concept of nature as mechanism. “
Without an inventor for the mechanical universe, scientists created the bizarre idea that the complexity of our universe has risen accidently or by itself . There is no purpose in it.

Yet Quantum physics and  an increasing number of scientist think differently and include to matter, space and time: the observer, consciousness.

All has  been thought again by science, what has been known by seekers and wisdom teachers of ancient cultures and many indigenous cultures 1000s of years ago. They recognized that nature has a soul, a consciousness in which they were immersed

Allow me to quote part of a prayer of the Native Americans

“Now Talking God With your feet I walk
I walk with your limbs,
I carry forth your body,
for me your mind thinks,
your voice speaks for me ..
I am surrouned by it
I am immersed in it …END OF QUOTE

All of nature spoke to them, they were one with the tree, the birds, the deer…and they saw themselves as an aspect of the Greater All. They saw God in everything, as did the Christian mystics in their quest for a union with the divine:
And I quote from the well known German mystics Meister Eckhart who lived in the 1400 .

Apprehend God in all things for God is in all things
Every single creature is full of God and is a book about God
Every creature is a word of God
If I spent enough time with the tiniest creature – even a caterpillar
I would never have to prepare a sermon. So full of God is every creature. “t

The space around them was not empty but full with the word of God, the expression of God like this prayer of the Yokuts tribe:
My words are tied in one, with the great mountains, with the great rocks with the great trees…in one with my body and my heart. …and you day, and you night all of you see me one with the world…”

The so called primitive cultures, ridiculed and oppressed and nearly wiped out, they are arising again with modern science as a people who simply knew.

Also the ancient writings of the Vedic seers from India..who say You are that, Atman which is identical with Brahman…like a single drop of water in the ocean which has the same quality as the vastness of the ocean. About 2000 years ago they also shared the following story which is close to the imagery of quantum physics and the full empty space

Unseen salt.

A father gives his son a large chunk of salt and says:
“Take this salt and put it in a bowl of water”

Some hours later came the 2n request from the father:
Bring me the salt, which you have put into the water

But the boy looked and looked he could not find anymore
Taste the water, how does it taste?

Truly beloved son,
what is in this water you cannot take it in your hands

You cannot take it with your fingers
And still it is there

This most suble is the soul in it is the whole world“

So I shared the wisdoms of  indigenous people and ancient cultures, which are now confirmed by the findings of quantum physics and especially from modern scientist who clearly say that consciousness is the missing link. Let us honor these cultures, we called primitive and uneducated, because they never split up religions and science. Let us learn from them.

Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D. is an internationally known American/Greek evolution biologist and futurist.. She has taught at the University of Massachusetts and M.I.T..,

“I reversed the scientific story I was taught from seeing consciousness as the end product of evolution to seeing consciousness as the source of evolution. In other words, the universe, to me, is fundamentally Consciousness — alive, aware and intelligent.”

This Consciousness is non-local, i.e. everywhere, and is what different cultures variously personify as God, under many names. It is also what physicists now call “zero point energy” — the infinite energy existing at every point in space.”

Quantum theory the observer Double Slit experiment

Dr Quantum explains the  Double Slit Experiment

Not only does an electron not ‘think and know’ it’s being observed, it doesn’t exist at all until it has been observed. The prior state is potential, which is collapsed by the act of observation – that’s what makes this experiment so utterly, stunningly incredible. The scientific community is still reeling from this discovery,

This clip is from: “What The Bleep Do We Know!?: Down The Rabbit Hole” and is used for educational purposes.

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