Based on the weekly JUST BE IT blog talk radio show each saturday 6pm AZ time, Exploring our Inner Being, What is consciousness, writings of mystics and seekers from ancient and modern times

March 17 You are That – Oneness

Join me at March 17, 6pm MT and 9pm EST in USA at

the blogtalkradio of Consciousness Unlimited.

Tonight I will discuss the idea of Oneness of all and you will hear an interview with a German Sufi commenting our discussions in this show.

Again we also share writings from mystics and poets about the union with the Beloved in and outside and especially from old texts from India

I am excited to have been able to interview a Sufi who I had talked to in Germany. He comments on some of the issues we were discussing in the Just Be it show and in his wisdom and connectedness, I feel he cust right thru it.

Inspired by Dinesh I begin to introduce you in this episode to the famous pronouncement from ancient Indian texts: You are that, Tat Tvam Asi (in Sanskrit language).

The meaning of this saying could be in a simple way summarized as: Our Inner Being is indeed is identical with the Greater Consciousness/God that is the originator of all reality.

Also I will share writings from old Indian texts. And again you will hear the words

of Christian mystics and poets about their ecstatic union with the Beloved.

Please join me live on the Just Be it Show each Saturday at 6pm.

I love to have you participate by calling in and sharing.

You can also write to me at justbeit13@googlemail.com


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