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March 17 You are That

You are that, Tat Tvam Asi (in Sanskrit language).

This is the famous saying from a very old text in India called the Upanishads. Actually this is from one of the oldest called THE Chandogya Upanishad from the Vedic period about 3-4000 years ago. There are no authors of the 108 Upanishads texts known, yet the Upanishads are seen as one of the most important scriptures of human kind and have inspired many philosophers and thinkers.

What keeps us from not recognizing that?

Some people say : Make no distinction…The moment you make an distinction, ..you are lost and far removed from Oneness.

Maya – the great illusion…

The Ultimate reality is the pond

Where you see your face swimming in when you look in it.

Mevlana Jakaluddin Rumi says:

A secret turning in us

Makes the universe turn

Head unaware of feet

And feet head. Neither cares

They keep turning

Ignorance of our mind…

What is real? It cannot be grasped with the logical mind

The eyes see something different

The brain computes the image.

Or like on scientist said: “Oh I do not want to turn around because I am afraid there is a soup of electrons  and turning behind me.”

Things are definitely not the way they seem to be.

Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi the famous Sufi poet says

Our eyes do not see you but we have this excuse:

Eyes See surface not reality

Though we keep hoping

In this lovely place

The Inner Being and the Outer are identical.

The Upanishads and the famous saying You are that

Or Thou art that tries to describe this very well.

It says literally ‘That thou are’..

Thou are That

Thou is It is the innermost Self, stripped of all egoistic tendencies. It is Ātman

The Ātman or the innermost core of our self seems of ur Inner being has no  individuality. Yet it is the same as Brahman in the Infinite Cosmos.

That is the the Brahman which is the common Reality behind everything in the cosmos is the same as the essential Divinity, the Greater Inner Being named Atman, within you.

We seem to be identifying two things: one that is unlimited and unconditioned, and one that is limited and conditioned.

That these two are the same is the content of the statement

Tat Tvam Asi (in Sanskrit language).

You are THAT. Thou art THAT

Again in other words

Brahman, The Absolute consciousness is the ultimate, both transcendent and immanent, the sum total of all that ever is, was, or shall be. It is the All That Is.

The word Atman means the immortal perfect Spirit of any living creature us, but also plants or animals.

This is expressed in the Upanishadic by unknown Seer:

Atman The Inner and Brahman The Outer  are One and the same is one of the greatest contributions made to the thought of the world
 Jesus Christ said in Philippi C 34

If you are not making below to above or left to right or behind to the front you cannot move into the kingdom

Rumi says:

This piece of food cannot be eaten

Nor this bit of wisdom found by looking

There is a secret core in everyone

Not even Gabriel can know by trying to know.

And the great word  surrendering: PAUSE

As Sogyal Rinpoche the Tibetan master says in his book

Glimpse after Glimpse (by the way one of my all time favourite books)

Or as Rumi said

The center clears Knowing comes

The body is not singular like a corpse

But singular like a salt grain

Still in the side of the mountain

In one version of the meeting, Rumi was riding his donkey through the marketplace, when a man stepped in front of him and shouted, “Who is greater – Muhammad or Bestami?” In the exchange that followed Rumi became so overwhelmed by the presence before him that he fainted and fell from his donkey.

As the relationship matured between Shams and Rumi, they became inseparable, spending months together beyond human needs, relating together in mystical conversation – called “sobhet”. During this period Rumi’s disciples were all but forgotten by their teacher. They became deeply displeased and extremely jealous. Shams sensed trouble from this quarter, and felt that he needed to disappear from time to time – for his own safety and Rumi’s too. It is reported that during one of these disappearances, Rumi’s poetry writing and mystic whirling began.

After things would cool down, Shams would reappear and the episodes of being lost in each other’s company would resume. On one of these reappearances, Shams and Rumi fell at each other’s feet upon seeing each other. This was a telling moment in their relationship – remembering that the first time they met; Rumi fell in a faint at Shams feet. This time they bowed down to each other. What had begun as a master/disciple relationship had dissolved into pure loving friendship.

One winter night Shams, who was living with Rumi and his household, answered a knock at the back door. Shams disappeared, never to be seen again.

This disappearance caused in Rumi what may be called a spiritual implosion, an event in which, in the absence of the beloved, the lover falls “into himself” and disappears into his own emptiness.

Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi writes about The  Beloved

One day you will take me completely out of my self

I ll do what the angels cannot do

Your eyelash will write on my cheek

The poem that hasn’t been thought of

 Water from your spring

What was in that candles light

That opened and consumed me so quickly

Come back my friend, The form of your love

Is not a crated form

Nothing can help me but tht beauty

There was a dawn I remember

When my soul heard something

From your soul. I drank water

From your spring and felt

Translated by Coleman Barks who is seen asone of the best translator of the works of Rumi.


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