Based on the weekly JUST BE IT blog talk radio show each saturday 6pm AZ time, Exploring our Inner Being, What is consciousness, writings of mystics and seekers from ancient and modern times

April 7 The Absolute consciousness

Excerpts of show notes from the JUST BE IT blog talk radio on consciousness unlimited blog talk radio

This show is like a spiral motion a circling around the age old questions, what is that Greater Self, what is the God inside of me and how can I connect to it?

And here is a poem of Rainer Maria Rilke speaking just about that, and it touches on, how I feel in my 30 year of quest exploring the many ways of humans  towards God, the Ultimate reality, the Brahman, the Absolute consciousness. Here is the poem, which I translated for you.

Rainer Maria Rilke:

I live my Life in growing circles

which cover things

perhaps the last one I will not be able to complete

But I will try him

I circle around God, the ancient tower

And I circle around it for centuries long

And I still do not know: am I falcon, a storm or a great song?

This is from the “Book of hours” published in 1905.

One of his early works, where he writes like a monk about his relationship to God.

Rainer Maria Rilke is considered one of the most significant poets in the German language. He wrote in both verse and a lyrical prose. He has developed a language about the inner realm, of what he called the room of the heart.  In the English language, he is widely known for the  “Letters to a Young poet” from which I quoted in our  episode on Feb 25.


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