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More machine than Human?

More Machine than Human?

by Paul Lowe   http://www.paullowe.org

Let’s take another example: sexual education. As you grow up, you are conditioned not to be free with your feelings. You are taught not to express how you feel about the opposite (or same) sex until you are ‘old enough.’ Question: how come?

What is ‘wrong’ with this natural way of being? It is important to question it for yourself and not automatically accept what you have been told or what I suggest. The societies that do not restrict in this way are happier than we are. I have visited them; it is so. This sexual suppression – and that is what it is – is ridiculous.

Look for yourself: you can love two parents equally. You can love two children equally. You can have two cars and love them both. But you can’t love two partners. How come? Who said so? Who told you that? The people who told you that: are they happy and content with their lives? No! The whole system has been designed to leave you discontent.

Look for yourself? Well, that’s the trouble – you can’t look for yourself if you are conditioned. You think you can, but everything you think goes through your conditioning – so you cannot see objectively. A Catholic will see it one way, a Jew another, a Muslim another, a Hippie another. And each one is certain they are right. Can they all be equally ‘right?’ Their different beliefs are just conditioning. Are there any techniques to clear you of your conditioning? No. Forget it. The Hindus have been trying for eighty thousand years. Just look at the state of India! There are techniques to re-program you, but re-programming is programming (conditioning). So is there anything that ‘works?’

Meditation? The East says stop the mind. There are two difficulties to this simple solution. One is that the mind does not easily stop – even with many, many lifetimes (let alone years of devoted meditation). The other is that all ideas come from the mind, which is the source of the conditioning, and therefore any idea for going beyond the mind comes from the conditioning of the mind. It does not work. As I say, go to India and you will see for yourself.

So is there any hope? Yes! Absolutely. That is what I spend my life sharing. Is it simple? Yes! Absolutely. Is it easy? That is up to you. You see, most people would like to have happier lives, but they do not want to change the way they live. The difficulty is obvious, isn’t it? If you keep doing the same thing, in the same way, in the same situations, things are likely to stay the same. Human beings really don’t like change. That’s part of the conditioning of the mind. However you may not have to drastically change

your living conditions to change your life. It is not what you do; it is the way you do it. So, here is the way to set yourself free of the conditioning of the mind without needing to radically alter your normal living conditions.

In Each Moment (the title of one of my books), be unconditionally present. Simple. Of course the same thoughts will be there, but you do not have to listen to them. If the mind says something practical (avoid that on-coming vehicle), take action. Otherwise dare not to listen. Ignore what the mind says. It takes practice. The more you want it, the quicker and easier it becomes. For instance, if you have a terminal health condition,

you tend to be more motivated. Eventually the non-essential part of the thinking fades away. At fi rst nothing seems to change — except you will see situations more clearly, as though from a distance. You will watch the reactions of the body, mind and emotions, and instead of automatically reacting, you will fi nd space and time to respond

in a more human way. Your addictions to certain behaviors start to fade. As you devote yourself to this process, you will fi nd that life totally changes – without you having ‘done’ anything. I promise you this is so. You will be more aware. You will be more awake, sensitive, caring, loving to yourself and others. And the most important result is that you will feel more free, and you will delight in your own happiness.



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