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June 9 science and God part 2

Excerpts from shownotes from the blog talk radio show

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In this part 2 of our episodes Science and God we will look at the following questions

Where does the word quantum, quanta come from?

If quantum physics says matter is just one of many realities , what do we actually see and feel around us then?

Is science moving closer to describe God, pure consciousness?

We will look at the idea of entanglement or non locality in quantum physics-

And we will look how2 fathers of modern quantum physics Planck, Heisenberg dealt with the idea of religions.

Modern science is now slowly discovering and confirming what the wisdom of indigenous people all over the world and sages and seekers  1000 of years ago already knew.

The main paradigm in our society is still the materialistic view of classical science. Here one  never ask the question of this seemingly immeasurable existence of God, but looks only at that which can be measured and fits into the mechanical view of its natural laws. and  we also see increasingly number of modern scientist are telling us about remarkable findings in the field of science and also are willing to explore the idea of God, a greater consciousness being part of our existence.

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Quanto, Quanto….

In year of 1900 Max Planck was looking into the question how much energy does an atom have.  Working on light and temperature and the basic questions was: How much energy is there? How much, quanto…? Quant comes from the Greek language and means How much?

Max Planck was the most important German physicist in the beginning of 1900. He was only able to have an answer on this questions when he quantized the energy, meaning

It was not one consistent stream of energy as classical physics like to see it a continuum, but  unbelievable discreet packages of energies, one after the other like small pearls on a string
Max Planck called them´simply quantum, quanta from the word How much in Greek. In classical physics, energy is a continuum. In subatomic domains, energy states exist in discrete small packages. or energy levels like rungs on a ladder among which particles “jump randomly.”

So  Max Karl Ernst Ludwig Planck is considered to be the inventor of quantum theory. He received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1918.

Yet it was actually Albert Einstein who made quantum physics popular.

Einstein found that also Light exists of small packages of energies…quanta of light. These particles of light are called photons. This was the breakthrough for the idea of quantum physics. Today we detect electrons, protons, and photons light quants. These smallest units of lights are present all over our universe.

I like to point out that the jargon of quantum physics like spin, particles and waves, are all analogies and images to mathematical formulas…one cannot ever see a particle or a wave but calculate its existence. It was Werner Heisenberg who simply proved through mathematical calculation that a quant (the smallest unit of something) cannot be identified as a location and momentum at the same time. BECAUSE!!  the observer will always influence the result. One could only calculate various probabilities, a field of possibilities.

This was and is of course not at all accepted by classical physics and even too much for  Einstein
This is when he wrote his famous reply (known as God doesn not throw dice)  in a letter and I quote: : “The quantum mechanic should receive a lot of respect. But an Inner voice tells me, that this is not the final. Theory does deliver much, aber it does not get us closer to the mystery of the Old Man. Anyway I am convinced that the Old Man does not throw dice. (Letter to Max Born, December 1926).   I found it interesting that Einstein speaks about an Inner voice, an intuition.

No mainstream scientist today would be allowed to use Inner voice or intuition.

And here is Niels Bohr reply

Einstein, don’t tell God what to do. (Niels Bohr in response to Einstein)
Those who are not shocked when they first come across quantum physics cannot possibly have understood it. …. When it comes to atoms, language can be used only as in poetry. The poet, too, is not nearly so concerned with describing facts as with creating images. It is wrong to think that the task of physics is to find out how Nature is. Physics concerns what we say about Nature. (Niels
Bohr, On Quantum Physics, 1885-1962).

So Niels Bohr admitted,  that science is only what we think and see as reality.
So the task of physics is not to look at the  intrinsic qualities, the substance behind what has been found..I also like how he admits that the language of quantum physics is close to poetry , vague and speaking in images, yet it holds an empirical truth, clearly proven by mathematically formulas..

One has to expand his way of thinking to move beyond the  cross matter …if one moves to a microscopic level of the surface of the table one can already see  “mountain and canyons” , then looking deeper I can measure vibrating atoms. That what we call matter is just a vibrating wave  potential, no one knows what it is really.

“Matter is regarded as being constituted by a region of space in which the field is extremely intense…. There is no place in this new kind of Physics both for the field and matter, for the field is the only reality.Albert Einstein

In other words matter consist 99 % of empty space, which is in itself not empty at all.

“Enough with such questions! –
Let silence take you to the core of life.

All your talk is worthless
When com
pared to one whisper
of the Beloved.”

From Ode 442 trans. by Jonathan Star and Shahram Shiva
A Garden Beyond Paradise: The Mystical Poetry of Rumi


Experiments have shown that there are connections outside of space and time—outside of space and time! They did an experiment in  that an atom emits two  light quanta, 2 photons.
Notice they have been first entangled/connected in the atom. They are sent opposite ways, and somehow these photons affect one another’s behavior at a distance, without exchanging any signals through space.  Instantaneously, and  Einstein said the speed of light is the fastest speed, now that has been questioned by the instant connection. The full implications of non-locality may be beyond our grasp still…even if the photons would be light years apart the connection is instant, in the moment one looks at one photon the other instantly receives the signal to also show its state.

The illusion of the classical scientific paradigm is shattered by the quantum principle and also their . assumption that there is an immutable objective reality “out there” that is totally independent of what happens in consciousness “in here.” .

In the 1920 Bohr, Heisenberg and even early Max Planck spoke against the idea of so called positivism, a reductive only empirical based science which did not allow any room anymore for deeper philosophical questions, even though Max Planck did clearly speak in lectures and writings that quantum theory actually demands to look beyond, to discuss metaphysics or say it clearly to …looking at the fundamental question of God..

Werner Heisenberg speaks in his book” The part and the whole” about:

Is it not worth it  to find behind the order of structures in a larger sense consciousness…And these structures could be its intention. Calling it consciousness might be too much from a human perspective…and its not clear in a scientific sense but we must be allowed to think this said Werner Heisenberg.

Quantum theory and its experiment leaves too many questions:

What is this empty space of 99 % in matter?

How do the former entangled 2 photons instantaneously connect?

What causes the electrons, photons  act randomly and seemingly chaotic?
Quantum theory forces a new kind of logic in science that is still mathematical and discipliced.

The Nobel prize physicist Eugene Wigner of Princeton has repeatedly written that consciousness is at the root of the quantum measurement problem.

Yet classical science still beliefs in a Lifeless mechanism,  a clock held by the endless cycle of matter, space and time…
As Elisabet Sahtorius, the evolutionary biologist writes:
“It was utterly illogical to eliminate the inventor engineer while keeping the concept of nature as mechanism. “
Without an inventor for the mechanical universe, scientists created the bizarre idea that the complexity of our universe has risen accidently or by itself . There is no purpose in it.

Yet Quantum physics and  an increasing number of scientist think differently and include to matter, space and time: the observer, consciousness.

All has  been thought again by science, what has been known by seekers and wisdom teachers of ancient cultures and many indigenous cultures 1000s of years ago. They recognized that nature has a soul, a consciousness in which they were immersed

Allow me to quote part of a prayer of the Native Americans

“Now Talking God With your feet I walk
I walk with your limbs,
I carry forth your body,
for me your mind thinks,
your voice speaks for me ..
I am surrouned by it
I am immersed in it …END OF QUOTE

All of nature spoke to them, they were one with the tree, the birds, the deer…and they saw themselves as an aspect of the Greater All. They saw God in everything, as did the Christian mystics in their quest for a union with the divine:
And I quote from the well known German mystics Meister Eckhart who lived in the 1400 .

Apprehend God in all things for God is in all things
Every single creature is full of God and is a book about God
Every creature is a word of God
If I spent enough time with the tiniest creature – even a caterpillar
I would never have to prepare a sermon. So full of God is every creature. “t

The space around them was not empty but full with the word of God, the expression of God like this prayer of the Yokuts tribe:
My words are tied in one, with the great mountains, with the great rocks with the great trees…in one with my body and my heart. …and you day, and you night all of you see me one with the world…”

The so called primitive cultures, ridiculed and oppressed and nearly wiped out, they are arising again with modern science as a people who simply knew.

Also the ancient writings of the Vedic seers from India..who say You are that, Atman which is identical with Brahman…like a single drop of water in the ocean which has the same quality as the vastness of the ocean. About 2000 years ago they also shared the following story which is close to the imagery of quantum physics and the full empty space

Unseen salt.

A father gives his son a large chunk of salt and says:
“Take this salt and put it in a bowl of water”

Some hours later came the 2n request from the father:
Bring me the salt, which you have put into the water

But the boy looked and looked he could not find anymore
Taste the water, how does it taste?

Truly beloved son,
what is in this water you cannot take it in your hands

You cannot take it with your fingers
And still it is there

This most suble is the soul in it is the whole world“

So I shared the wisdoms of  indigenous people and ancient cultures, which are now confirmed by the findings of quantum physics and especially from modern scientist who clearly say that consciousness is the missing link. Let us honor these cultures, we called primitive and uneducated, because they never split up religions and science. Let us learn from them.

Elisabet Sahtouris, Ph.D. is an internationally known American/Greek evolution biologist and futurist.. She has taught at the University of Massachusetts and M.I.T..,

“I reversed the scientific story I was taught from seeing consciousness as the end product of evolution to seeing consciousness as the source of evolution. In other words, the universe, to me, is fundamentally Consciousness — alive, aware and intelligent.”

This Consciousness is non-local, i.e. everywhere, and is what different cultures variously personify as God, under many names. It is also what physicists now call “zero point energy” — the infinite energy existing at every point in space.”


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