Based on the weekly JUST BE IT blog talk radio show each saturday 6pm AZ time, Exploring our Inner Being, What is consciousness, writings of mystics and seekers from ancient and modern times

Welcome to Just Be It blog talk radio show

Welcome to the JUST BE IT radio show

at ConsciousnessUnlimited blog talk radio


From morning to night the world calls us outward, wants to be recognized as the world and mastered. The Inner Being calls us consistently from inside and into our Inner World.

quote from Karlfried Graf von Duerckheim, Daily Life and practice

In this program we will explore how to BE conscious of this Inner Being. How to simply Just Be It.

Can we follow the call of our Inner Being in our ordinary day to day Lives?

Why is it beneficial to focus on Being and less doing?

These are some of the questions this blog talk show will explore.

For 1000 of years mystics, poets and spiritual masters have explored this realm of Inner Being. Their wisdom and writings are supporting this show.

The Just Be It show does not hold the final truth and is not selling a religion.

It rather loves the quest and explores together with you ways to Become All That We Can Be.

In each show you receive a powerful practice for the following week and your own journey in being conscious of your Inner Being.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to Just Be It blog talk radio show

  1. Carmela Cooper on said:

    Ciao Rosemaire, It’s Carmela, Love the beautiful magnolia blossoms at the top. So pleased you have shared this blog. Haven’t really gotten in blogging.

    I am interested in participating. It is wonderful you are involved in such an expanding undertaking.

    In Gratitude,
    Your friend from Cleveland. ( I am still living in Berkeley, near SF)

  2. Hello Carmela, good to hear from you, thankyou for your kind and encouraging words you can email me at justbeit13@googlemail.com

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