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Teresa of Avila is

Sri Chinmoy a spiritual teacher from India who teached in the USA FROM 1964 to 2007  said

Avout this Spanish saint, Teresa of Avila

 Her mystical experience is the most successful culmination of the divine marriage between the aspiring soul and the liberating Christ, and it is here that man’s helpless crying will and God’s omnipotent all-fulfilling Will embrace each other.” (5) END OF QUOTE

 A woman who finally in 1970 was the first women being recognized by the catholic church as a teacher of the church. She was born in Avila in Spain in 1515. Her name is Saint Teresa of Avila. After her mother had died she secretly left her father in the age of 21 and went to the order of the Carmelites. During a period of intense pain caused by a servere malaria she had the first divine visions. Despite the severe illness she experienced an inner peace which transcended the physical pain. .And in the following you can hear the excstacy which resulted from her union with the Divine:

Of course Certain clergy felt her visions were just delusions of the devil. So for many years Teresa spiritual pursuit was almost on a hold. When Teresa was 41, a Priest convinced her to go back to her prayers. She became  so absorbed in deep contemplation that at  times she felt overwhelmed with divine love.  She was so filled and connected with the pure Inner Beeing and the Divine

t is said at times her body would spontaneously levitate. When Teresa felt it was happening she would ask other nuns to sit on her to prevent her floating away.

Unfortunately she was born into the period of the Spanish inquisition.  On one occasion Teresa complained to God about her mistreatment from so many different people. God replied to her saying “That is how I always treat my friends” with good humour St Teresa replied “That must be why you have so few friends”

Only who could understand  her inner ecstasies. Yet she felt these experiences to be more real than ordinary events.

In her mid fourties she was finally allowed to  to set up her first convent. St Teresa proved to be an influential leader and a reformist. . She guided the nuns not just through strict disciplines, but  she stressed the importance of experiencing God’s love.

She died at the the age of 67. A fellow sister describes the hours just before the death of St Teresa.

She remained in this position in prayer full of deep peace and great repose. Occasionally she gave some outward sign of surprise or amazement. But everything proceeded in great repose. It seemed as if she were hearing a voice which she answered. Her facial expression was so wondrously changed that it looked like a celestial body to us. Thus immersed in prayer, happy and smiling, she went out of this world into eternal life.” (2) END OF QUOTE..


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