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June 22 consciousness creates

Just Be It blog talk radio show

Excerpts of show notes

 June 22, Consciousness creates

 Tonight I want to discuss the following questions:

What are some of the findings of quantum theory and modern science that tell us:

 indeed we are in each moment creating our Life.
Why is it so difficult to be the Co-Creator and have a Life of health, wealth and happiness.

What actually stops us? And we will look at some first steps how to move beyondThat.

We will discuss material from John Assaraf and his Neuroscientical approach to supporting positive changes in our Life, we will hear from Grandmother Parisha, the Indian Teacher Paramahansa Yogananda , Dr. Fred Allan Wolf, Willi Harmann, Kabir and others.

In the last 4 episodes I discussed quantum physics more in detail and also consciousness and science. You can find excerpts of my show notes and more information on my blog justbeittalk.wordpress.com. Here you also find a video about the famous Double Slit experiment.

Last Saturday we looked at the idea of consciousness and that this indeed the primary source of everything and we are identical with it. We looked at the wisdom of old ancient texts that all is consciousness, alls things around us are filled with this Absolute consciousness, the Brahman. The non local experiment or entanglement experiment of Quantum physics proves that there is indeed a transcendent field which is able to connect beyond light speed.

I would love to hear from you so please write tome at justbeit13@googlemail.com.

How do you liked this show, and is there anything you like to share or add to what I am discussing. Your participation is very welcomed.

Even until today there is no conclusive evidence that Life is caused by some means other than consciousness.

However consciousness based theories propose that conscious observation is the cause of  all reality around us. Indeed physical reality as you see it does not really exist, nor is the principle of causing our world.

Reality how we see it comes in place thru us an observer.

The world exists when we don’t look at it in some strange state that is indescribable., we discussed before that it is mostly 99 % empty space. QP it is a field of wave functions ..a field of possibilities.  Then when we look at it, it becomes absolutely ordinary, as though someone were trying to pull something over our eyes — the world is an illusion. The table in front of you is a field of moving electrons and protons surrounded by a vibrating, very active empty space.

Dr. Fred Allan Wolff

Quantum possibilities transform into actualities.

“Our live follow paths that we freely experience by using our abilities to choose from complementary possibilities in each moment”.

Reality is not a static thing and there is not just this and then another object separately,  quantum physics has developed the idea of complementary meaning the core of all existence is just a cloud of interaction of interdependency, there is not just one thing causing it, one electron, one body wave or particle but all is in a cloud of interdependency open to any possible outcome.

It is impossible to find one particle which is not interdependent from another there is dualism.

All is intrinsically connected.

Now, if really everything is connected to everything, if there really is only a oneness, everything then affects everything, and everything is the cause of everything in a certain sense, so that the whole idea of causality has to be revis  Willis Harman. Willis Harman hold a Ph.D. in engineering and worked at the Stanford Research Institue for 16 years and also for over 20 years at the institute of Noetic Science.

So modern science and conscious based science say, that our consciousness is in constant interaction with this cloud of interdependency the field of possibilities around us.This field is y a vibrating, extremely active soup of energy. Our consciousness which is also energy in the form of our thoughts, our feelings our beliefs – our Being interacts with this soup constantly (aware or not aware of it) and manifests our reality

There is no strict division between our reality and so called objective reality. Consciousness and the physical Universe are connected in very fundamental ways.

However one of the main false perceptions most of us have is  we perceive ourselves as separate from our environment.
Yet the observer in the sence of QP and the so called objective reality are one.

Does this sound familiar from another perspective

In the worldview shared by indigenous peoples everywhere, despite many differences  the universe, nature, is alive and sacred, all beings in it are related, and they call all other beings their relations. :the rocks, the waters, the winds, the creatures, the people, the spirits and so on. They see their  role within nature is to hold it sacred and to live in a balance with it. Each relation has a consciousness, and it is spoken o that like that.

So if you think that this is just a nice romantic idea we know that it has very practical outcome: Shamans and Healers have gained great powers and wisdom from this world view.

Plants spoke to them to tell them that hey can heal, trees and rocks give information about the surroundings, communication with animals is possible….many miraculous healings have been performed by the indigenous people in all cultures and still today. Their rituals and ceremonies take into account the understanding that all is connected, every relations every wind coming is a communication, a sign, a gift. How can that be otherwise if one clearly understood that what Quantum physics has now discovered too, all is in an interdependent constant interaction which leads to the co-creation of reality.

 Each individual  soul is all powerful and can create or destroy.. You and all others are interconnected by our mutual possession of all there is. You may create alternative universes if you wish and dwell within. You are all a duplicate of the Absolute consciousness in  which you dwell. Our consciousness and mind represents all that exists.

Similar claims have often been made in spiritual teachings, particularly Indian philosophy (and I shared some of it from the ancient texts of the Upanishads in prev episodes. Also the founding father of Yoga . Patanjali’s  speak of the entire world as chitta vritti, “the modifications of mind-stuff”.

Kabir the famous poet of India who lived in 14 century speaks of the Mayan, the illusion of and the no-thingness and oneness of all. .

There’s no road to tread,
No traveller ahead,
Neither a beginning, nor an end.

There’s no water, no boat, no boatman, no cord;
No earth is there, no sky, no time, no bank, no ford.

You have forgotten the Self within,
Your search in the void will be in vain;
In a moment the life will ebb
And in this body you won’t remain.

Be ever conscious of this, O friend,
You’ve to immerse within your Self;
Kabir says, salvation you won’t then need,
For what you are, you would be indeed.

 So far I have been trying to discuss some findings of Quantum physics which support the idea of creating reality. The main one is the idea of interdependency.

We are using scientific arguments to discuss the Mystical experience, our Inner Being.

Yet, in some way science as it is done today does some injustice to the great mystery which is timeless and self aware. As said before our mind cannot really grasp these concepts, yet by listening to some of these findings of modern science I think we can expand our awareness, and the way we perceive the world.

I am curious to hear from you what you think. Please write to me at justbeit13@googlemail.com

So with our own perception we navigate us through the multidimensional possibilities around us…we see that which we put our attention too. We see what we believe.
With the right beliefs the right attention we can create our realities and can create miracles. As discussed and proven in Quantum physics, our individual consciousness is the observer in interaction with  the wave function of the cloud of interdependency.

In other words, we see only that what we believe (being aware of it or not) and with our attention guided by our beliefs we create our own reality in our Life. It is us the observer who collapses the field of possibility, the cloud of interdependency into actuality.

Yet let us come to the question now, why does it seem so hard to be the Co-Creator of a Life of wealth, health and happiness?

What hinders us to become aware and conscious of the powerful omnipotent Being that we truly are which is in constant communication with the All That is.

As Grandmother Parisha says: You are never not plugged into Source! Least you would not be alive”

Yet so many of us live mediocre lives not daring to do what we love…

Yet we know if we do what we love (expressing our own god given gifts and purpose our individual unique talents and heart desire  ) if we do what we love money we know will follow.

Yet when we create wealth out of fear of poverty with no inner vision… it will not make us happy…

When something does not seem possible it may well be that our vision is off center.

Nothing happens without our seeing with inner visions. Nothing can happen without our acknowledging the possibility of inner vision. Talk with your inner vision and then expect something wonderful to happen. Invite it to come in more clearly. END OF QUOTE Cherokee Feast of days by Joyce Sequiche Hilfer

So it is important to create a vision of who we are and what our Inner calling is.

To see what is it that brings us joy to do, that comes easily without effort, that makes us feel whole and with purpose, and energizes us. Yet once we have found that passion, there seems to be difficulty to create it, to manifest our dreams and visions.

Instead we are starting to ask questions:

Can I do this? Do I deserve it? What if I fail?

What will people think about me, doing this?
Grandmother Parisha calls this” the 75 % wall”. We do a bit of hard work then we stop, we encounter opposition, things do not work out smoothly anymore and we give up. Have you been there?

I have and still am in many of my dreams and visions I like to see manifested.

Every day we have to deal with what we believed yesterday, says Dr. Robert Anthony.You are what you think about yourself.

So it seems that our  beliefs deep  inside of us hold off our own best, our happiness..

I like to take a look at some of the things John Assaraf says about the beliefs.

John Assaraf developed a program which helps people to reach their maximum potential.

And you can find more information about him and his website on my blog.

He makes a distinction between Explicit beliefs and implicit beliefs. The explicit beliefs are things we learned in school or in professional training.

The implicit beliefs  are the deep hidden beliefs the shadow part of us. This is where our self image, the things we fear, that what we secretly believe we can do and cannot do, hides

Things like procrastination, worry, self-doubt lack of confidence, our uncertainties

These underlying beliefs cause a couple of things to happen

Whenever we start a project, want to create a vision or a dream in our life, we start to have doubts,  we ask ourselves these questions again..

We give into the resistance (I had a whole episode on resistance. Remember? Resistance is a messenger. It wants us to look and find that deep implicit belief system that stops us)

A belief is a pattern like a coding it is based on the conditioning, the decisions you made about things from the past…created also neurological  hardwired over time in our brain , being reinforced. …got what I believed…reinforced my belief.

An example could be that I believe I am not good enough, I never gonna be good enough it..leads to a fear of failure that I won’t succeed. Procrastination sets in and I am actually failing and so reinforcing the belief I am not good enough.. However the fear of failure  is  more a thought pattern caused by much deeper underlying beliefs like: I am not good enough, I am not worth it…coming from our decisions we made about past experiences and past conditioning.

These beliefs are fueled by feelings…feelings as we heard before from Dr. Dispenza are solely based on past experiences…

So these beliefs manifests in our body posture, our speech…it is manifested as a neurological pattern in our brain. Even if you do not focus on it, its running in the background just like a computer software running in the background on a computer.

You never can outperform your self image,no matter how hard you try, says  John Assaraf

However you can change your brain.

It is called Neuroplasticity and research has shown that you  literally we can dissolve the hard wired neurological patterns which represent our implicit underlying beliefs

Research has shown that stroke patients who suffered for example from speech impairment were able  through consistent training to change their nerve cells and neurological structures to be able to speak again.

Or just as Grandmother Parisha says:

Your Life is exactly what and how you think – you are as you are!

So be different and things will be different.

So we first must change our old beliefs systems and create beliefs which match up with the goals we have, says John Assaraf.

John Assaraf suggests to identify core negative beliefs.

You have  to have 3 positive thought/ beliefs to eliminate one negative one, based on the research of Barbara Pearce. He says that this research has shown it takes about 56 days minimum of intense focus to change it…90 to 180 days of consistent reinforcement of the 3 positive beliefs which will eventually eliminate the neuro patterns in your brain, dissolve the hardwire of one core negative belief.

Beliefs create habits

Change a little habit  every day.

Neuroscience research proved that changing one little habit it will set up a response system in your brain: when you can do this you can do more…and it grows.
So we can start a habit of consistency.

 When you have conherence you attract what you need, says John Assaraf-

Coherence is the alignment of our beliefs wit our goal (for example, our belief of worthiness matches our financial goal).

Coherence is also that your goal matches your inner vision, your Gods given purpose. Becoming a mountain climber or very wealthy might not be really your purpose and incongruent with your inner calling.

Maybe instead of being a wealthy banker, one is supposed to live on the country and write beautiful inspiring books.

So we must align ourselves with the appropriate belief system and our Inner calling, our souls purpose. .

 Of course it is not enough to work on your neurological patterns of your brain by simply chaning a core belief system. John Assaraf has a whole package of methods, he is using, to move into your maximum potential: Guides self hypnosis, subliminal programming, visualization, guided medition and other sources. He is alsomentioning EFT, Emotional Freeing Technique, also known as Tapping.

And in future episode I will look into that more deeply as I have applied that method.

Where we had a first look how quantum physics shows how we create our reality and what is actually stopping us from doing so.

Who is the most important person your Life? Often we live the agenda of our parents, our teachers we follow the rules and values of mass society and an educational system which reduces us often to successful working bees.

We live and I see myself in this too, not who we are, but what we learned we are supposed to be..

The most important person in your Life is YOU.

Start today to live in this self respect, change one habit…

Take on goal

Take on habit to change

Write down your doubts, fears and uncertainties

Write out what is important ot you, what is calling you to do.

 All you have to do to have health, wealth and happiness is think of it and live as it

You are loved and all is provided for what you need…

There is a vast world inside you and a vast world around us unseen but nevertheless indescribable powerful possibilities lie right in front of you.

Our consciousness, our beliefs and our habits can bring them into reality.

“Whatever we perceive we can receive. Whenever we can form of image –in our imagination- then it is entirely possible. “ Cherokee Feast of days by Joyce Sequiche Hilfer


May 12 shownotes materialistic science and consiousness

Excerpts of shownotes

from the JUST BE IT blog talk radio show

at consciousness unlimited blog talk radio

Hello, welcome to my show JUST BE IT on consciousness unlimited blog talk radio.

Today’s episode I want to look at the materialistic science as the primary rule to explain our world. We will also explore the sentence I am God and our individual Self, the pure consciousness we are.

90 years ago a Swiss man spoke about  the following:

“We have the tendency to explain things by its physicality

We overrate the material causes of things and think now we have an real explanations of matter. Which seems much easily known then the intangible ways of metaphysical spiritual way of the world around and in us. “

This was said by the father of modern psychology, the Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung, in his writings around 1930.

We will hear from the scientist Peter Russell and from the mystical poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi.. I invite you to share your thoughts on this by email please write to me! with your comments and experiences to justbeit13@googlemail.com.


And we looked at that we must face the shadow, the forces behind this resistance to really make a change. Facing these parts of our own does not mean to MAKE  them go away but to acknowledge them to integrate them into our inner world.

In each episode of my show I give a practice you could integrate in your Life and also last time I  suggested  to look at where you have the greatest opposition, and look what this resistance in your Life is trying to tell you…what are your thoughts and feelings about that opposition,  and  the project itself. And how does it sound familiar to something you belief, decided upon, experienced in the past. ? How did that go? Maybe having resistance doing that?

Well I noticed that the shadow is tricky and tries to hide itself and it takes a while to unravel it

however if you do this more often you will come to an inner map of voices and energies which are pretty much repeating themselves, sometimes they wear a different mask but nevertheless it’s the same energy. For me it is often that I need to check in if all of me  is really aligned with what I am doing,.meaning do I really want to do this?, do I have a vision I can identify with?

or am I just going through the motion..functioning. Sometimes it simply helps to check your Why ? Why and what for are you doing this…This will awake other energies in you, energies which can  carry the vision of what you want to accomplish what you stand for in Life .What is the desired outcome of this task in a bigger broader picture. what difference will it  make…I find this energizing and inspiring and it can carry me beyond the resistance .


Greece 2000 years ago everything was revolving around the earth.

As a Greek citizen you lived in the center of the universe in Greece you , were important!

only 400 years ago in 1616 Galileo was arrested when he said, that the earth evolved around the sun.

and it was only about 100 years ago whenscience told us there are no other galaxies besides us.

Now you are just a small biological speck on a small planet, on the border of the solar system Milky way surrounded by hundred billions of galaxies, science is telling us.

About 60 years ago in 1952 the DNA was discovered and genetically engineering seems to bring science in a creator like state. The materialistic approach of our  Science today has no need of god.

Actually we live in such a a material way of our world that there is a a complete disinterest in God and spiritualism.

Just a couple of hundred years ago there was no difference between science and spirituality. It was intertwined as a study of Knowledge in the monasteries in Europe, the knowledgeable person in that time explored astrology, medicine, herbs and alchemy and religious subjects the same.

 Sir Isaac Newton, born in 1642 was a English physicist and was considered  the most influential scientist.. He described d universal gravitation and the three laws of motion, which dominated the scientific view of the physical universe for the next 300 years..

Yet what is most interesting is that Isaac Newton spend far! more time studying alchemy and religious subjects then science. He wrote about half a million of commentary on mystic passages in the bible and he wrote much more about alchemy, and astrology

The scientific  dogma today is that only that which can be measured is real, all exists in space, time and matter. Nothing exists but the physical world  superdogma

Peter Russell says: Science belief if they fully understand what exists in space,time and matter we will be able to account for the whole cosmos. Peter Russell calls this the present super dogma of our society.

Peter Russel  studied ath University of Cambridge he studied mathematics and theoretical physics. He studied with Stephen Hawkings, Yet he became increasingly frustrated as a scientist and turned to easter philosophy. In an ashram of a Indian Guru he  had a Samadhi experience of pure consciousness. Samadhi meaning no mind.

I quote Peter Russell:

Nothing in the physical sciences predicts the phenomenon of consciousness. Yet its reality is apparent to each and every one of us. END OF QUOTE

 Peter Russell says , we need to accept that consciousness is as fundamental as matter—in some ways, more fundamental.

…..From a poem of  the well known mystical poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi lived  in what is now Turkey in th 12th century. He was the founder of the Whirling Dervishes order and a highly respected teacher by Christian, Muslims and Hindus alike. When he had passed in 1273 there was a funeral celebration of 40 days with many people attended from all religions in that time.

I am always impressed how fresh And modern his views are and how precise his language is about the Inner realm.

Two kinds of intelligence

From Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

From the book Rumi, The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks

 There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired
As a child in school memorizes facts and concepts
From books and from what the teacher says,
Collecting information from the traditional sciences
As well as from the new sciences 

With such intelligence you rise in the world
You get ranked ahead or behind others
In regard to your competence in retaining
information. You stroll with this intelligence
In and out of fields of knowledge,
getting always more
Marks on your preserving tablets 

There is another kind of tablet, one
Already completed and preserved inside you.
A spring overflowing its springbox. A freshness
in the center of the chest. The other intelligence
Does not turn yellow or stagnate. It’s fluid,
And it doesn’t move from outside to inside
through the conduits of plumbing-learning.

 The second knowing is a fountainhead
From within you, you moving out.


So there is an Intelligence in us which is much more complete, much more vast than any science can be. It’s knowledge encompasses All That Is, as it is identical with All That is. When we connect with this, we know ALL and its source is never ending. We are in the Knowing.

Yet today,  many live in a world that is without the light of spiritual guidance, in darkness.

God as a fatherly figure has disappeared in our society for most of us. Many people us are left disorientated, feeling disconnected and confused.

The answers lies in our self, here in the Inner Being, the Greater Intelligence

We can find not only answers for ourselves but for the acute questions science cannot answer: The meaning of Life, how to Love and Live as a God Created being, where do we come from .and what is this all about?

The times are over where we need to read or hear about it, we must experience it each for ourselves…our true nature. As Grandmother Pa’Ris_Ha says We are spirits who learn to be human. The answers are within.

Today we are coming to a threshold, materialistic science has got a grip on the explanations of the world…however our challenges demand that we include Spirituality, consciousness. We shall use science  with a spiritual maturity. Only then can we move forward out of the darkness we are in now.

That reminds me on the story : where the Angels had created our world and they did not know where to hide god in the world, so that it would be protected and respected and not too obvious. They put the spark of God inside human that is where we can find it.

But not only there. Also in the nature and all our relations around us.

Is this true science when they developed crop engineering?

With crop engineering materialistic based science believes that

there is nothing more to a plant , than size, chemistry, colour..but we know (and even science has proved that) that plants can feel and anticipate. There is indeed an unseen life force working in and around them. How much damage does this life force receive, by manipulating the DNA of the plant?…and which effects does this have on our  life force when we eat genetically engineered tomatoes ?

Materialistic science seems to me often crude and far to simplistic causing not only disturbance in the plant world but also in the healing abilities in our body.

Anyone who truly takes responsibilities for his own healing, knows that medicine works only on the symptoms as these are measurable and in a materialistic view

Can be manipulated. But what about the new healing fields of energetic and information input based on frequencies? Homeopathic medicine for example is  an energetic information code transported into the energetic level of our cells to ignite the healing process.

That seems to me a much more sophisticated and intelligent  approach  and experience has shown and been proven by research it works..

Peter Russell suggests as said before:, we need to accept that consciousness is as fundamental as matter—in some ways, more fundamental. END OF QUOTE

Our individual consciousness is again like a drop of water in the oceanic vastness of the Absolute consciousness, the Brahman. Our individual Higher Self is identical with this consciousness. It is like the drop of water  part of the vast ocean.

There is another important characteristics of our time besides the paradigma of materialistic science influencing our world.

I am talking about the individual religious experience.

C.G. Jung wrote that he always found that all the people who came to him, who were in the middle of their Life (around 35 years of age) had one basic problem: their religious view. The final cause of illnesses was for them the questions about God, their non existing relationshipp to the Divine, and by that Jung they needed to become a member of a church or a religious order.

This question is a very personal today. Rudolf Steiner the founder of the Anthroposophie had said that this epoche is the time were we need to answer the question for ourselves, as an individual.

This is different from the past where we relied on groups, religious leaders, institutions.

In the past a spiritual seeker would renounce from  the world, give up their family, go to the monastery in Europe, In India become a Sannyashin, in Tibet or China he might move to the mountains living as a hermit

Nowadays we need mystics and spiritual enlightened people which are in the world

The monasteries and mountains are our cities.

When we truly have the experience of Samadhi,  of pure consciousness we feel we are God. Meister Eckhart has been send to the inquisition of the pope, when he announced “God and I are One”. People have been killed and austerized for postulating in exhilaration and and ecstasy: I am God.

This statement as Peter Russell put its: is a smack of arrogance for many, especially if the “I” implies the individual human being God.

To a more religious person it sounds blasphemous and as said before people got killed for this.

A journey of consistent practice to still the discriminating mind, to move beyond distinctions.

Be still and know that I am God” says the bible. Many years ago, I meditated

on that sentence. I came to the realization that this sentence came from my Higher Self, the voice inside of me.

When we replace  the word God with consciousness, the Absolute consciousness then we could say I am consciousness, I am identical with the Absolute…

As Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says” Of my self Iam nothing, of You I am everything.”


Today I would like to suggest as a practice to be with the sentence. slow

Be still and know that I am God. You could play some relaxing music and sit with it, speaking quietly each word slowly,  embracing it, taking in it and see what it can do for you. Let me know at justbeit13@googlemail.com.

And remember always love your self.

April 14 Self enquiry

Excerpts of show notes from April 15 JUST BE IT SHOW at consciousness unlimited blog talk radio

Each Saturday I explore the Inner Being and ancient and modern ways to consciously connect to our Greater Self. Again you hear from writings of mystical poets and seekers from all cultures.

You can contact me today via my email for this show at justbeit13@googlemail.com. I love to hear your experiences, comments and questions.

There are really no accidents. So It caused you to be here and I suggest you open your heart and your mind and see what you can find.

My intention is to inspire you for your own a journey, to give you the wisdom of seekers who went before us and to give you insights which will support or spark you to move into closer connection.

We do not really have to make changes in our Life not in what we do  but how! we do, how! we go through our life. We all want to have happier lives, but most of us are not willing to make the changes necessary in our way of being.. So if we keep doing the same thing, nothing is changing for the better.

We humans  do not like change, that is also part of the conditioned mind…who hates change, due to his need for attachments and needs to be in control.

In this episode I will share  the teachings from the Indian Guru/menaing teacher on Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi . He was one of the prominent…Teachers , a famus saint and highly evolved human being who lived in India 1879 bis 1950 in South India. .

Ramamna Maharshi was a  jivan-mukta (liberated while living), being liberated from all false understanding, being free from all thoughts or emotional reaction.

Living inside of the Brahman, being consciously connected to the Greater self all the time, yet still living in this world..to help his fellow brothers and sisters.

I will also introduce you to  the well known writing called The Great Way..which was made known to the West by Ram Dass. This was written by Zen master called Sengstan .

And we will hear a profound texts from Rumi relating to the Essence of all.

Before we dive right into our topic of today, I like to return my suggested practice from last episode, and that was based on a suggestion of Paul Lowe, a wisdom teacher of our time.

We talked about it several times that only in the moment do we have the possibility to connect to our inner being, to our Inner Spirit. However it seems to be a challenge to do that, as the mind is chattering away often either thinking of the past or worrying about the future.  Paul Lowe suggested to come into the moment by simply refusing to listen to the stream of thoughts running in our mind. That was the practice I recommended last week.

Right now I hear birds chirping away in the bushes nearby…I hear them but I do not listen to them  (so sometimes its fun to listen so I can make that choice to listen to the birds, or the winds) so I hear the mind but I do not listen to it. ..Paul Lowe…on my website…Have you done that? How was it for you? Did you notice something happening? Let me know send me an email

What I can share whenever I did that, and I made the choice not to listen to the thoughts and emotions running by me, I noticed a certain distance from the attachments of my present situation, like I am shifting my attention to a more distanct view of my self and the world around me, I am connected to the Observer, that greater Self inside of me.

Yet it does not take long and the mind keeps making comments about that and I have to make that choice again and again. It is a moment by moment decision to make that choice yet the longer we practice the easier it seems to get to not listen to the chatter box.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha calls the mind, the mind child.

it is indeed  like a child, asking aquestions, wanting reassurance, complaining, wanting approval…yet how often do we let the mind child run the show, instead of the heart or the Inner Intelligence with its unmeasurable wisdom SLOW….Always we need to come back to the presence.

Paul Lowe says if we keep disconnecting from our mind life gets easier and better…we are more in sync with Life, as we allow our Inner Self to arise and guide us more consciously. Things simply fall in place more.

So let us hear from the beloved saint and teacher Ramana Maharshi. Who said

“When the mind, which is the cause of all cognition’s and of all actions, becomes still, quiescent, the world will disappear.”end of quote.

So the world will disappear, and behind that illusion that what is pure consciousness inside of  you and present behind the illusionary world will arise, you greater Self.

Ramana Maharshi also said: QUOTE

“When you give up thinking of outward objects and prevent your mind from going outwards by turning it inwards and fixing it in the Self, the Self alone remains” .end quote

Who was this famous enlightened saint?
At the age of  17 he had a near death experiences, and he came to the realization that his True Higher Self the Atman was eternal. Moved to a sacred mountains in South India called  Arunachala. There he lived in a cave for a long time, alone and in deep submersion. Many seekers came, Ashram was built, but he did not speak much.

He rather wanted the people coming for guidance  to experience Atman, to experience his highly evolved state of consciousness. So many questions were answered in writing by him. He was worshipped as a saint, he lived a very simple life and owned nothing.

Ramama Maharshi teached in silence

QUOTE   “A realized one sends out waves of spiritual influence which draw many people towards him. Yet he may sit in a cave and maintain complete silence. We may listen to lectures upon truth and come away with hardly any grasp of the subject, but to come into contact with a realized one, though he speaks nothing, will give much more grasp of the subject. He never needs to go out among the public. If necessary he can use others as instruments.
The Guru is the bestower of silence who reveals the light of Self-knowledge which shines as the residual risischuell reality. Spoken words are of no use whatsoever if the eyes of the Guru meet the eyes of the disciple. END OF QUOTE

So in his understanding the meeting of the eyes with the student were not useful, and to be in the presence of an enlightened being was much more effective then all the words and teachings.

I think this is an interesting approach, which I have also found with other teachers.. like Grandmother Pa’RisHa, who says she can best teach in silence. Words are easy prey for our mind to agree or disagree with, but the energies

Sent out by an enlightened being are an experience which can cause a remembrance of one’s own divinity…in much more profound way undisputable by the discriminating mind. The heart, the spirit is touched.

Many of us have listened to lectures and workshops, yet we all know immediately when a teacher enters a room who simply touches us by his presence, his enlightened heart.

So most of his teachings where answers to questions and he wrote his answers on little pieces of paper.

Along with Vicharasangraham (Self-Enquiry), Nan Yar (Who am I?) constitutes

Ramama Maharshi ‘s main teachings:

The first speaks about that the direct path to liberation is Self-enquiry.

The particular mode in which the enquiry is to be made is given in the Who am I text.Both texts self enquiry and who am I are Q&A texts.

The mind consists of thoughts. The ‘I’ thought is the first to arise in the mind. When the enquiry ‘ Who am I?’ is persistently pursued, all other thoughts get destroyed, and finally the ‘I’ thought itself vanishes leaving the supreme non-dual Self the Atman alone.This process is of course, is not easy.. As one enquires ‘Who am I?’, other thoughts will arise; but as these thoughts  arise, one should  follow them  then with ‘To whom do they arise ?’ so mind is confused and stops and the Greater Self is brought into awareness.

 This might sound familiar to some discussion in a previous episode of the Just Be It show:When I suggested the practice: That whenever we are lost in the minds childs game of worry or judging, to ask ourselves Who is speaking? This seems to stop the mind in its constant chatting. In that moment the mind is interrupted, catched and stops for a moment.          Now the Greater Self can arise into your awareness.

Of course this practice must be done in a extremely vigilant way. Through constant

enquiry one should make the mind stay in its source, without allowing it to wander away and get lost in the mazes of thought created by itself.  All other disciplines such as breath-control and meditation should be regarded as supporting practices. They are useful in so far as they help the mind to become still and one-pointed.
For the mind that has gained skill in concentration, Self-enquiry becomes comparatively easy. It is by ceaseless enquiry that the thoughts are destroyed and the Self realized – the plenary Reality in which there is not even the ‘I’ thought, the experience which is referred to as “Silence”.

Quoting Ramana Maharshi says and I quote
“The reflection on the Self which is thus practiced constantly will destroy the mind, and thereafter will destroy itself like the stick that is used to kindle the fire wood to burn the corpse.. It is this state that is called release. END OF QUOTE

The Brahman real heart

In episode on March 17  I introduced the  famous saying You are That from the Vedic scriptures of  sages and seers 3000 years ago in India. They clearly say the innermost pure self called s Atman  is identical with the Ultimate reality, the sum of all that is existing – , the Absolute consciousness, the Brahman.

For Ramana Mahashi the Brahman is the real heart of our Inner Self. He says and I quote:
Self-light that is in it does not change in the least thereby, and like the ether it is the all-pervasive pure knowledge that is one, and it shines in the heart as Brahman.

He also spoke about the Idea of Being an instrument of Brahman, of the Greater All
He says

QUOTE By whatever path you go, you will have to lose yourself in the One. Surrender is complete only when you reach the stage `Thou art all’ and `Thy will be done’.QUOTE
So the path to the realization of our Inner Being, to a conscious connection is …to acknowledge Thou art All, the Self is identical with the All That is, to acknowledge the pure consciousness same as the Absolute consciousness, The One. The Brahman and there is nothing else.

and to make oneself an instrument of the Greater Self and the Absolute consciousness, not my will but Thy will will be done. He suggests when we are in action, when we work for example to be present  without letting the thought ‘I do’ arise.  focusing on the Inner Being, the Real Self, being the instrument of the All That is .

 I have used these words several times in my Life in specific situation where I needed to perform or speak in front of many people, and noticed a decisive shift in my being, when I clearly moved in a state of surrender and said not my will but your will, not my words but your words through me .  Try it out for yourself. Let me know what it did for you…

I found again from  the master of the language of this realm Jalalludin Rumi a text translated by Coleman Barks which gives us a better sense of the One. I like to  read

You can find this and allother wuotes on my blog justbeittalk.wordpress.com.

And I quorte a poem from Rumi

Only Breath from Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

By Coleman Barks from The Essential Rumi

Not Christians, or Jews, or Muslims, not Hindu, Buddhist, Sufi or Zen

Not any religion

Or cultural system I am not from the East

or the West, not out of the ocean Or up

from the ground, Not natural or ethereal, not

composed of elements at all. I do not exist,

Am not an entitiy In this world or  the next

did not descend from Adam & Eve Or any

origin story. My place is the placeless, a trace

of the traceless. Neither body or soul.

I belong to the beloved, have seen the two worlds

as one And that one call to and know

first, last, outer, inner., Only that

breath breathing human being.

There is a way between voice and  presence

Where information flows

In disciplined silence it opens

With wandering talk it closes   pause END OF POEM

Yes indeed as the teaching of Ramana Maharshi says: in disciplined silence of the mind child IT!! Opens With wandering talk IT the awareness of our Greater self closes.

Whenever we allow mind to make distinction to judge we lost as Ramaman Maharshi says

No distinction….

Ramama Maharshi says:

QUOITE  “One should not give room in the mind for such thoughts as: “Is this good? Or, is that good? Can this be done? Or, can that be done?” One should be vigilant even before such thoughts arise and make the mind stay in its native state. If any little room is given, such a (disturbed) mind will do harm to us while posing as our friend; like the foe appearing to be a friend, it will topple us down.” end of quote

The moment we agree or disagree, the moment we say first or last  the moment we do allow a comment about something…just be , in acceptance and gratefulness….no complaints, no regrets

And I am quoting from Sengstan third Zen patriarch, Ram Dass, translated by Richard Clarke

QUOTE “Do not search for the truth; only cease to cherish opinions.  

Do not remain in the dualistic state; avoid such pursuits carefully”. END OF QUOTE

These are the horses which we need to hold…we need to learn to not listen, to discipline ourself to shift the attention away from the chattering box, commenting, judging..fearing, worrying, …

This is from a book called The Great Way Hsin Hsin Ming….from Sengstan the 3rd Zen patriarchr in China…


The Great Way is not difficult
for those who have no preferences.
When love and hate are both absent
everything becomes clear and undisguised.
Make the smallest distinction, however,
and heaven and earth are set infinitely apart.

If you wish to see the truth
then hold no opinions for or against anything.
To set up what you like against what you dislike
is the disease of the mind.
When the deep meaning of things is not understood
the mind’s essential peace is disturbed to no avail.

If there is even a trace
of this and that, of right and wrong,
the Mind – essence will be lost in confusion.

If we allow the mind child to chatter away we are moving into the dualistic state…but we learned there is only one existence, not two…

Greatest benefit listening to the quotes without making disciriminating thoughts…t

How are we listening…to these wisdom shared, …? Do you agree? Do you disagree? Do you understand? It does not matter, because the moment you decide on something you are in your discriminating mind…nothing new can really happen inside of you, your awareness of your Inner being is closed.

The membrane is thinner, something is changing, I feel a distance to the ordinary life, the news on tv seems not real…I feel more andmore  changes are coming…and I don’t mean changes thru the mess we got us in…In the following I share from Paul Lowe a wisdom teacher and a talk he gave on  December 24th 2011 called Major shift on youtube

Paul Lowe recently shared that he senses something is coming into this dimensions,

Many of us have no facilities,  in us to connect with it to recognize it , elders of the indegenious people And  wise people, they know, they know its coming they are still in touch with the land, with mother earth, When this new energy comes you will slip into a whole new unexplainable thing, says Paul Lowe.

Not purified, not raised our frequency, very painful or we die

Yet many are in lower frequencies: complaint, ,

This energy amplifies everything, it will make everything stronger also the , old stuff resentment…regrets, complaints that’s where you go, some of us might die.
Many are on the cusp of it we are in between the lower frequencies and the higher frequencies around now, And many of us have moved on, have moved into the heart t…giving back to something Greater then themselves…our life becomes secondary. Some of us are still be looking at their own life…at their personal stuff, to see whats in the way.

And Paul Lowe says reassurangly QUOTE Whatever you need for your unfolding, will come to you know…be open”

NO HOLDING says Paul Lowe..To your people, to things, holding to riches, holding on to poverty, to misery, because our conditioned mind hates changes. We afraid to let go of people who are not supporting us anymore, we afraid we would be alone then, But we already are in these worn out realtionships…we willnot be alone if we let go…something greater will carry us.

I invite you again to Practicing in the moment who am I, who is talking   refuse to listen

Heed the call to changes in your life, be aware that it is the condisitoned mind who hates changes, spirit loves unpredictability, and the wide open spaces…

Remember: Always, yes always! Love your self

April 7 The Absolute consciousness

Excerpts of show notes from the JUST BE IT blog talk radio on consciousness unlimited blog talk radio

This show is like a spiral motion a circling around the age old questions, what is that Greater Self, what is the God inside of me and how can I connect to it?

And here is a poem of Rainer Maria Rilke speaking just about that, and it touches on, how I feel in my 30 year of quest exploring the many ways of humans  towards God, the Ultimate reality, the Brahman, the Absolute consciousness. Here is the poem, which I translated for you.

Rainer Maria Rilke:

I live my Life in growing circles

which cover things

perhaps the last one I will not be able to complete

But I will try him

I circle around God, the ancient tower

And I circle around it for centuries long

And I still do not know: am I falcon, a storm or a great song?

This is from the “Book of hours” published in 1905.

One of his early works, where he writes like a monk about his relationship to God.

Rainer Maria Rilke is considered one of the most significant poets in the German language. He wrote in both verse and a lyrical prose. He has developed a language about the inner realm, of what he called the room of the heart.  In the English language, he is widely known for the  “Letters to a Young poet” from which I quoted in our  episode on Feb 25.

March 31 …as close as a breath

Excerpts from the shownotes March 31 episode

I will discuss also Breathing and the findings of Stanislov Grof, with his Holotropic breath work.  Stanislav Grof  was born in 1931 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is a psychiatrist, one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a pioneering researcher into the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness

His 60 years of experience of working with people who moved out of oneself into the realm beyond physical reality  breathing is a fascinating and extraordinary source to learn about the qualities of Inner Self and the Oneness of all.

Before we move into that,  I like to explore a bit more   the idea of oneness which we dived into for the first time in our last episode on March 17.

In our last episode last we discussed the famous saying You are That from the Upanishadic sages and seers 3000 years ago. They clearly say the innermost pure self is identical with the Ultimate reality, the sum of all that is existing – the All That is

And also the German Sufi teacher  Dinesh said on our last show in the interview that the tension between Inner Calling and Outer Calling  is an experience we creating  PAUSE an illusion PAZUSE ultimately

All is One.

Let us start with a quote from Grandmother PaRis’Sha.

She keeps saying  The universe is inside of you.

The same was said by a Sufi  master over 1400 years ago

His name was Amir al Mo’memium. He said:

“Whatever exists in the universe also exists in the human being.

Do not ponder that you are a microcosm,
Contained within you is the macrocosm,
And you are the Clear Book of Existence.


In other words, the substance of the universe, of your reality, may be nothing more than consciousness or thought. all you need to do is change the frequency of your thoughts.

Or as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says There is nothing there unless you think of it!

Stanislov Grof also says in an interview in 2010.

I quote:

“So the Hindus have a whole other idea: that you see exactly what you’re supposed to see, but the things that you see are not there in the way you perceived them. In the same way as in the movies—you see?—you see exactly what you are expected to see, but those things are not what you perceive them as being. The horses, the trees, the people . . . it’s just the play of energy that you interpret in a certain way.”

Stanislav Grof: Learning from Non‐Ordinary States
Interviewed by Tami Simon ‐ Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“My consciousness was catapulted out of the body I lost connection with ..the clinic, with the city, the planet and I had this amazing experience my consciousness embracing everything, becoming every thing there was.

When  I was coming down I was in the physical universe I actually became the physical universe..I did not have names for this then, but when I read later about black and white holes it was something like that.

It generated this life time interest innon ordinary state of consciousness alternate states. END OF QUOTE  

from http://youtu.be/bYg4Ii9DjUQ

He had discovered with the LSD  experience  what he calls

non ordinary states of consciousness and that it had a profound healing effects on all levels of the individual.

The name Holotropic means literally “moving toward wholeness” (from the Greek “holos“=whole and “trepein“=moving in the direction of something).

The process itself uses very simple means: it combines accelerated breathing  a hyperventilation with evocative music in a special set and setting. With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing him or her a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person and for that particular time and place. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever alike.

In his work with holotropic breathing Stansilov Grof developed his maps of the psyche The realms of the so called unconsciousness

I say so called unconsciousness because I feel that this word does not serve what we are dealing with here.

It is the Greater Intelligence inside of us, through which we have not yet have consciously contact all the time, so it is there as close as a breath you take. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha keeps pointing out that we only have a small percentage of our conscious abilities expressed about 2 % some more or less. So in my view we are accessing through these techniques a vastness which cannot yet be described.

We are definitely un conscious about this vast Intelligence inside of us, yet I prefer to say Greater Intelligence instead of unconsciousness.

Stanislov Grof developed a map of the realms of the psyche the patients connected with. The following is from his book The adventure of Self Discovery.

He clearly states that it is in an inner intelligence which guides the patient. This is not a remembering like in traditional verbal psychotherapy but a re living of events. The body has actual physical reaction from convulsions to aggressive acts or there can be great suffering and pain and there are nearly indescribable states of bliss and union with The All that is. .

Also there is no one straight line to an issue which is experienced.

Rather The Grater Intelligence works in themes or what Stanislov Grof calls the Condensed experience COEX.

Inside of this theme or issue the Inner consciousness stirs the person beyond linear time and space.so the theme can be lived through in the own birth experience and all the way up to events happening 100 or more years ago.

Is it not amazing that this giant and vast Inner world is just a breath away?

When done in the right setting and with the right intention. It is not enough to simply hyperventilate, there must be a certain setting and attitude of the support or I could say a clear intention expressed with the setting.

Let us now focus more on the transpersonal part of these experiences.

The people who experienced the cosmic consciousness in a session shared that;

That they embraced the wholeness of All That is and have entered into the Ultimate Reality behind the reality. They were very clear about the fact, that they had touched the principle of All That is and had access or Glimpses of the final and all encompassing the Beingness of All.

They experience that time and space and all other aspects of the physical reality are not real and only sourced by this principle of the All That is.

People share cosmic and universal experiences of oneness and identifying with all beings may it be animals or plants. Encounters with the creative forces, the gods and beyond: the  Absolute consciousness.

As Grandmother Pa Ris Ha once said:

“One day we will proof the existence of God” Meaning All That Is that holds it all together and resides within us.

“Never be so spiritual, that you cannot be earthly good”

is one of my favorite sayings from Grandmother.

After this excursion into the the processing with transpersonal psychology let us quote this wise woman one more time:

“You will most assuredly transcend this body and return to Light, so ask yourself why you “spend” so much of your time seeking what you always are.

The “reality” of what you are is always transcendence.

It is given so Grandmother Pa’ Ri’Ha says:  The “reality” of what you are is always transcendence

there is no, she also says  much value in processing old wounds and habits again and again.

However when we are in total service to others, when we surrender as a godly instrument then we can see clearly and know Great Spirit, says Grandmother Parisha in her teaching Follow the question inward.

And I quote her:

“……. When man is strong enough to truly look at himself objectively, he will find it happened when he was totally involved in service to others.  This is when we remember and the question is answered of who and what we are.  Then and only then, can we see clearly and know Great Spirit.”

This is when we are so focused to the sacred altar of our “being”.

So its not about moving into a quiet place to sort things out, its not about spending much of lur Life processing our pains and wounds.

It is about relating, about serving the other where we have the opportunity to find the Beloved.

Or as Dinesh said it a bit differently: Marriage is a way to remember.. to remember who we really are.

The awareness of who we really are is a moment by moment decision.

Breathing is a way which can bring us back  into the moment, relax your shoulders, in the shoulders you are holding on to the worldly life, breath into the bowl the openness of a bowl which is holding you in your lower torso…and move inward.

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