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July 19 The Inner Being calling Karf Friedrich Graf von Duerckheim

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July 19 The Inner Being calling

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Today I would like to go back to the basic question which we started this show:

The world calling us outside and the Inner Being calling us inside.

I will read some text from Karl Friedrich Graf von Dürckheim and look in general at the idea of the transpersonal psychology. The Inner being is calling us and yet we are literally caught up in the world out there and its demands.

And we go back and forth between these 2 planes of existence in our Life as Karl F. Dürckheim says it so clearly

From morning to night the world calls us outward, wants to be recognized as the world and mastered.

The Inner Being calls us consistently from inside and into our Inner World.

 This is a quote from his book Daily routine as practice from which we will hear more in this episode.

It is not wrong to do and gain, and to move toward something to create reality…yet the key is that it must be controlled so to speak by our True Self our Inner Being and not as most of the time by the ego the small Life.

So to live a Life this is guided by our Inner Voice, while we learn to be human.

Karl Friedrich Graf von Dürckheim was born in 1896  and died in 1988 when he was 92.
He was a German diplomat working in Japan,  a psychotherapist and Zen-Master. The words Graf von means that he comes from a family of nobility.

In his early twenties, he was reading in the Tao Te Ching of Lao-Tzu and studied with Zen masters. “Suddenly it happened! I was listening and lightning went through me. The veil was torn asunder, I was awake! I had just experienced ‘It’. Everything existed and nothing existed. Another Reality had broken through this world. I myself existed and did not exist. I had experienced that which is spoken of in all centuries: individuals, in whatever stage of their lives, have had an experience which struck them with the force of lightning and linked them once and for all to the circuits of True Life.”

He had recognized the Christian Mystic, Meister Eckhart who lived in the 1400 in Germany as his first inspiring master. In the early 1950 he found a centre together with a wife Dürckheim founded the “Center of existential and psychological formation and encounter”  It was located in the Black Forest in South Germany and quiet influential in Europe in these years. He said that what I am doing is not the transmission of Zen Buddhism; on the contrary, that which I seek after is something universally human who comes from our origins and happens to be more emphasized in eastern practices than in the western.” END OF QUOTE

With the so called initiation therapy, K.F. von Dürckheim is part of the transpersonal psychology movement. This is the only psychology who acknowledges the existence of an inner spirit, an inner Being. One could say that the founding father of transpersonal psychology is Carl Gustav Jung, the famous Swiss psychotherapist and also
Charles Tart Ph.D.  He works especially on a bridge between modern science and spirituality. For Charles Tart says that by the consistent and stubborn denial of modern science of what we could call consciousness, or the reality of the spiritual, people really could get hurt. Vital aspects if not the main aspect of their being are rejected and so not expressed in our western society.

Also the holotropic breathing of Stanislav Grof is part of transpersonal psychology, which works guided by the Inner Being of the client with the vastness of the Inner consciousness, .We covered his work in our episode from March 23, 2012.

Dürckheim says, the basic concept of all transpersonal psychology that the therapist is not the healer, but rather a companion on the way. And in his work and Initiation therapy, he focuses on that the paradox of our Ego and little self being in the world out there and out Inner Being, the true self our own true nature calling us. And this Inner calling is increasing for many of us, challenging us to forget what we know and do.
“The world demands from us knowledge and proficiency.
The Inner Being demands from us, that in our Service of Becoming, we forget the Known and the Doing of it. “

In transpersonal psychology the therapist is like a midwife, who is helping the client to move beyond the ego self. That is very scary because on would indeed have to give up what it knows and how it understand the world. As Paul Lowe says it is easy to give up your house, your work for a moving closer to the demands of the Inner True Nature. But to give up the knowledge and values of the egos, to give up what we know, to empty ourselves is very scary of the Ego. As Paul Lowe says: “ It might be easy to give up our home or our house to move on a spiritual path However to be willing to completely questioning how we live, and what we think about the world, that is very difficult. “

The therapist – as a midwife accompanies us in this process: to find your true self, your true nature and you can know start a Life in the world with great contentment, inner peace and happiness, solely guided by your Inner Being

And I quote again from the writings of K.F. Duerkcheim:

The world demands consistently that we are doing something.

The Inner Being demands from us that we simply let the Right Thing happen.


There is nothing bad about that, as long as we serving having faith and trusting in  the guidance of our Inner Being and not our ego, as long as we are coming from our Inner being and are in this world but not off this world. It’s not about escaping somewhere else, but it’s about consciously expressing who we really are and from that Beingness doing and working in the world.

How different would our world look today if the majority of people lived like that?

Karl Graf von Dürckeim (KFD) says:  The Inner Path and the Outer Path (the path of the world are not ruling out each other. They actually determine each other, as we know we are creating the world out there.

We are challenged day and night by our Inner Being and by the looming world which is in our hands and responsibility. So the focus of our spiritual effort must be a never ending to reconcile both.

The world presses us forward and keeps us going without pause,

so we could come to something stationary.

The Inner Being demands from us to look at It, non-attached,

The world forces us to think about security.

The Inner Being encourages us to constantly Dare Something New.


To let the right thing happen, without the busyness and the clinging and attachments of the ego is quite difficult for many of us.

I remember many years ago Grandmother Parisha asked me to write down, journal for myself the question: why am I not giving more time to the advancement of my spiritual being? And while I was writing I discovered that one of the main theme was that I was afraid, afraid to give up my comfortableness, the so called security of the little self, and most of all not wanting to give up control, not to allow to let things happen.

So you listener might have had the experience that we have been at a retreat, a workshop a seminar and felt really in touch, in touch with who we are and we came home with visions and inspirations
in spiratio we were in spirit, fired up to live our deepest Inner callings and we were ready to dare something new.
Though, the world came and pressed us forward demanding doing without pause in we lost it again, the conditioning of our ego forced us to do the things we thought we need to do, the demands caused us to be proficient again…and slowly over time we lost touch with our true calling again.

In the Iniation therapy K.F. D. included very much the body and its energetic fields, so working with the breath, the voice and the energetic fields opens a client up to his body. The body in this context is seen as an armor,  a muscular tension which does not allow the flow of the energy of the Higher Self to happen. This armor must be broken with intense breathing work (rolfing, breath therapy and similar methods are based on this findings of Wilhelm Reich in the 1920)

We have tightened up, we have so much tightened up that we are not even able to bet in touch with our True nature, because all energies are blocked. So intense body work is part of the Initiation therapy of K.F. Duerckheim.

The world makes us speak and act incessantly.

The Inner Being demands, that we become silent and act, without doing.

As in the TAO: doing without doing is important…once we have moved beyond the protective shield, the armor, the tightness showing in our body-mind unit, we are able to move into a powerful Beingness which creates simply out of being not doing. So the work here is over the body, like in EFT which works with the meridians to remove false beliefs and habits, by working with the meridians the energy field of the body.

For me this approach has been very helpful…I find that the body not only has wisdom and his own consciousness working miracously all the things which need to function, it also holds the key to unlock the walls of our my True nature, my true Inner calling.

The world obeys to us, when we understand and grasp it.

The Inner Being opens itself to us, when we endure The Incomprehensible.

To endure the incomprehensible…to have faith in that, what we cannot describe nor put in words which our mind cannot grasp : we are consciousness and  part of the Absolute consciousness that is the underlying omnipotent force or God which is the underlying reality of all there is.

To endure that we have no real understanding what our Inner Being is, and when we are finally making that connection consciously, Now we have no need any more to understand, because the ego, the critical mind does not exist in this very moment..

The bearing force of the Inner Being will proof itself,

when we let go that which holds us in the world.

The practice in our daily Life as KFD calls is consistent moving within and turning away. It means letting go of the world and allowing the Core to become expressed.

KFD says we either are very tight have an armor or we live in a constant state of disintegration, dissolving, loosing our self. The right balance is allowing and trusting the Right thing will happen and self responsible cooperation. However, says KFD most of us are moving back and forth between tightness and the disintegration.

Loosing one self: Alcohol, being constantly occupied with tv, business, shopping, sport, hobby could become  part of the disintegration as we are not allowing to relax into who we really are.

Much of the tightness in the shoulders which we hardly notice, is the symptom for a tightness an armor of our ego.

It is important to let that go and move into the center of our body: the Hara. That is the energies of our lower bowl which is holding the upper corso, describes KFD, The Hara is an energy point located two fingers under the naval and a vital point of concentration, breath work in Zen and in KFD work. Here once could not only find the center of his body-mind untit, but also access to the center of himself, the Inner Being.

The Inner Being renews and transforms us only,

when we disconnect ourselves again from that, which enriches us in the world.

This were we might need help, be it through a therapist who encourages us to move beyond our fear of letting go all who we are in the world, all that enriches us here or a spiritual teacher who moves us  to dare the Unkown in us.

And I like to end this episode with a quote from KFD in his book called “The way of transformation”.


The man, who really is on the Way, and therefore has hard times in the world will not  turn to that friend who offers him refuge and comfort and encourages his old self to survive.

Rather, he will seek out someone who will faithfully and inexorably  help him to risk himself. So he may endure the suffering and pass courageously through it. Only to the extent that man exposes himself over and over again to annihilation, can that which is indestructible arise within him. In this lies the dignity of daring.” – from “The Way of Transformation”, Karl Friedrich Graf von Dürckheim


July 6 count your blessings

Excerpts of the shownotes

Just Be it

July 6 Counting your blessings

So I like to start with a quote from Grandmother Parisha:

No one is powerful enough to effect or control your Life, its all you, like it or not,its you.

Please take a moment and look around where you are this reality is a direct reflection of your belief systems. How does the room look around you? It is a clear reflection of the positive and negative beliefs you hold. Look at your friends worklife your finances…what does it tell you about you?

One of the things we also can do is count our blessings, you could take a sheet of paper or a small notebook and each day write down 6 blessings in your life. Think twice, you and I live in paradise..we are part of a very small percentage of humanity who sleep in therr own bed, who can switch on and off the air conditioning, the heater, who have food and shelter..its these simple things we can be grateful each day.

Here are my blessing for today, the sun was shining, I had an  unexpected  invitation to lunch and the restaurant had exactly the menue items I needed for the special diet I am on right now, I am grateful for the garden and the flowers, I am grateful for all the computers, gadgets and cell phones  and applications I have allowing me to communicate just with my finger tips with someone in Australita today. I am grateful of having  a room of my own with a view from the windows into the green of bushes and trees.

This practice lets me realize how abundant my Life already is..and I focus on the simply things of life and its beauty, and brings me in the present moment of that what I am grateful for.

Would you like to share with me your 6 blessings of the day? I would love to hear yours, just send me an email to justbeit13@gmail.com

Anxiety around money…fear of scarcity can be best countered with gratitude.

As Grandmother Parisha says:

Each of us given the joy of life. Appreciate it all, and if you want more health and wealth in yours , appreciate what you have and focus on it joyfully. Live without fear of scarcity.

What you’re put your attention to, you simply get. Wherever the mind goes, the energy flows.

In the last episode we looked at the idea of implicit beliefs, a word coined by John Assaraf, meaning underlying beliefs causing procrastinations, self doubt and questioning our goals…like I am not good enough, I am not worth it, what will people think of me?

These beliefs systems could go much deeper and be much more subtle.
For example, extreme busyness or work alcoholism can be caused by a belief of not being worthy..so I have to prove myself and grave constantly for acknowledgement only then I am a worthwhile…and we see these people in the rat race with all the adornment of success, cars, gadgets, houses, luxury based on a 60 hour week for someone else!! And mass society tells them they made it.

Yet it is abusive to the own self to work soo much…and not taking the time to re-connect to the Inner vastness of your True Greater Self. The idea of spending hours in the office especially for someone else is not really leading us to an Inner Balance with the inner and outer world.

I can sometimes see myself doing just that
I  could then  need more stillness  and less work and less doingness and more being…so I run off into the beautiful forests around my living space and Mother nature calls me back to what is real; the creative forces of the Absolute in all its beauty and harmony.

The belief system of not being worthy can be based on the belief that something is basically wrong with me . That comes from a n experience we had in our upbringing or is engrained in our family roots. We made the decision ok something is wrong here, I am not part of the pack, because I had no father, my family was poor.

However, there are many examples of accomplished people who did not allow these adversities to stop  them from having a joyful Life.

It is not really what happened to us, but the decision our mind child made about this, the belief and the ongoing reactionary emotional cycle it keeps creating based on what happened. We always have a choice.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama says
The suffering and happiness each of us experiences is a reflection of the distortion or clarity with which we view ourselves and the world.”

So first of all we must change our view of the world, our inner decisions we made and n the world around will change too. When our self image, our self worth is low, it does not matter how hard or clever we work we will not manifest the riches or the happiness we desire and deserve. One way to change our world is to change our habits.

Another way is to start simply changing one habit…

Habits are creating our behavior which is often detrimental to our goals or Inner calling like being healthy. It is not only important that we match our beliefs and thought pattern with our goals but also our habits. They are based on 3 steps as John Assaraf says. We discussed the work of John Assaraf already in the last episode and you can find more information and his website on my blog

Habits are based on first on a trigger then the routine follows which give then a reward. Trigger is an emotional engrained reaction, we are ..waking up and we think of coffee The routine is to go in the morning to the coffee machine and the Reward is we feeling more alive

You can change a habit when you have a routine  that gives you the same  reward without  drinking coffee…exercise, better eating habits, deep breathing, cold showe. Whatever works for you.  Therefore it is useful to become aware what are the triggers and what are the routines..and the rewards of my habits.

Like checking your emails right after getting up in the morning. Does that serve my goal to stay in an  Inner Peace and consciously connected to my Inner being when I focus on the demand of the world out there early in the day.

What is the reward=…what implicit belief is supported here ?

To speak with Paul Lowe philosophy the wisdom teacher of today …we cannot change the mind ..we move into the observer of the mind and  re-focus on who we really are and this is done by moving in the moment, as the mind is always in the past or the future, Our belief system also comes from our bloodlines, belief patterns of generations ago

They are genetically inheritated. Today  the woman I had lunch with discussed with me her scarcity beliefs. She shared that her Grandparents had a small child which died, because they did not have the money to bring her to a doctor. Well what beliefs does that create in the family history?

The woman is very active and self employed in her business. She kept saying hat she is not making enough, she does not have enough clients…at the same time she shared with me about these trainings and seminars she attended some of them costing 1000s of dollars. She lives the belief that I will always get what I just need and at the time she is not grateful for that and she rightfully wants more. .

I have been in the same situation in my Life and many years ago. Someone said maybe you will never have enough money, but do what you want to do anyway.  This belief works for both of us and yet it is not meaning to live wealthy.

Someone else shared in the past she applied all these techniques whch are now widely teached to create more money like the law of attraction, or the brain technology of John Assaraf is offering like imagination, affirmation self hypnosis . The woman finally got out of her scarcity situation with money and got exactly the amount of money she needed in her Life. Then she realized that she wanted to create goals and a supporting belief that she can have more then what she just needed, just to get by.

So we do create beliefs to survive and to cover up other hidden beliefs.

Today I heard someone saying that it is important not to let yourself get caught up in negative thoughts.  You are not your mind who makes distinction between good and bad, past and future, .you are an identical drop of water of the vast ocean of the Absolute consciousness, you are spirit learning to become human pause

The thinking mind creates time, it likes to dwell always either in the past or in in the future. Yet in the underlying reality there is not time and there is not matter madeof matter. Our eyes and brain  do not recognize  that the space in front of us is filled with active and energies, because the brain has no association of this reality.

For us it is empty space and then there is a table or wall…and also these are not as the brain constructs them…the table or the wall is a very dynamic field of wave functions. A field of moving energy.Our desires or goals  (for example having wealth) must be aligned with  the right beliefs and !! what I feel is  important to my Inner Being, it must be aligned with your Inner calling.

I think it is not every ones purpose to have a lot of money…some of us played that game in previous lives and this time they want to explore to just get by but to live happily on a organic farm.

So maybe we can think more along the lines of the word of abundance! Abundance of time, abundance of ideas, abundance of friends, abundance of freedom, abundance of nature around me…and so on. All this is something to be grateful for

Grandmother Parisha says the money game is easy.Money is simply energy and can be easily attracted…Love is much more challenging for us. .

You have been chosen! The omnipotent power of the creator did not make a mistake to put you here…right where you are  in this house,  with these people, in this nation
When we realize what our Inner calling is, we can  then  express that. Only when we do what we want, all else will follow health, happiness, inner peace, joy..and  luck. Luck is a constant stream of synchronicity because the universe supports us.

Grandmother Parisha says is more clearly:
All of us humans have been chosen by the Creator to come here and deliver your message/Purpose.

Fear of scarcity, or thinking in lack has to do with a lack of trust in Life, or Faith. Faith is not to believe we are a slave giving our power away to a punishing God father..as religion institutions have teached that to us for 1000 of years. Faith is to belief in your Inner Being, to follow your heart.

When I moved to the United States many years ago it felt very right to my heart and there was fear but the calling of the heart was stronger…the heart knows and the mind needs to follow, not the other way around.

When we follow our heart, our mind needs often to jump off from the comfortable, safe bank into the river..yet is it not a very powerful confirming experience to look back and see that the water carried you when you jumped.

A woman shared with me recently, that when she heard that her husband has a chronic depression, she as mother of 2 young children, she first faltered.. Sitting on the steps of the hospital where she just heard of the diagnosis she cried and she felt all her Life falling apart, the family, the financed the plans for the future. Then her Inner Being spoke in her saying its all gonna work out somehow. She took one first step trusting that it will work out and now she is still happily married since 37 years, having raised the 2 children together and holding her demanding job in the emergency unit of the hospital.

She took that first step, that  leap of faith of trusting her true mind, her heart. She had faith, as Grandmother Parisha calls it: trusting in one’s own sacredness..

And once we have jumped one time from the shore into the river or the ocean and learned that things worked out, our faith grows and our own ability to swim to new shores. Most of the time we  want to stay comfortable at the benk, but comfortable makes things stale and stagnant life is change like the running waters of the river. The river would die if it became stagnant.

Just like exercising my body each morning. Its sometimes uncomfortable it pulls and peeks here and there..but I know only by the stretching  my muscles can become stronger and grow. So our muscles of self reliance and faith grow, if we keep jumping forward. Fail forward…then we grow..

I like to share a saying from the famous German writer Rainer Maria Rilke from his well known book
“Letters to a young poet”.

I like to share from the German writer Rainer Maria Rilke from his book Letters to a young poet. Here he writes to a young man who is thinking about becoming a poet.
For if we think of this existence of the individual as a larger or smaller room, it appears evident that most people learn to know only a corner of their room, a place by the window, a strip of floor where they walk up and down, END OF QUOTE
Many settle for less.

Many years ago,  I organized seminars for an American professor who was deeply rooted in the spirituality of India and at the same time teaching at a college in the United States.  And in his opening remarks he always shared that there are so many people attending nowadays workshops, seminar, buy books and cd for and are on their spiritual path and at the same time many of them work still work in low paid jobs as a sales clerk or a clerk in or in the service industry as a waiter or waitress.

If we continue to aim low, we accommodate to a life alien to our true nature.

We set aside our possibilities and do your best to howl like the rest of the pack…and  barely we noticing what goes unexpressed from our core, our Inner Being. More is possible, there is always more possible.

The joy of being

Ask yourself Is there joy ease and lightness in what you are doing? And I quoted here Eckhart Tolle from his book Practicing the power of now. Eckhart Tolle who has German roots had a Samadhi experience, an experience of union with pure consciousness. In his teachings he is well known today speaking about only one thing: The power of the moment, of now.

Eckhart Tolle says further…if you are not at joy with what you doing it does not necessarily mean you need to change what you doing, leave your job or whatever

It may be sufficient enough to change the HOW, simply give ou full attention to what you doing and stop all thoughts of good enough. Of right results of fear of failure, just do whatever the moment presents. This means also one stops resisting what is happening, otherwise you cannot give your full attention and Be in the Now.

Accepting what is…is the key to move into the moment to quiet the mind child racing back and forth between distinction.

To move into the moment, it helps to be in gratefulness and count you blessings.

So I invite you to get a notebook or paper and write each day 6 blessings.  Simple things.

I took a short break and sat in our living room and appreciated all the green plants and flowers which are there, making me feel nurtured and surrounded by living beings.

Also I like you to identify a habit which you want to change identifying the trigger, the routine and the reward.

Allow me to gift you with a well known poem in Germany by a modern Austrian writer called Erich Fried. Erich Fried  (6 May 1921 – 22 November 1988) was an Austrian poet, essayist and translator. Born in a Jewish family in Vienna, he fled with his mother to London after his father’s murder by the Gestapo following the Anschluss with Nazi Germany. From 1952 to 1968 he worked as a political commentator for the BBC German Service. He translated works by Shakespeare, T S Eliot and Dylan Thomas. He died Germany, in 1988 and is buried in Kensal Green cemetery, London.  From https://en.wikiquote.org/wiki/Erich_Fried

The poem is called

What  It  Is

It is madness,
says reason
It is what it is,
says Love

It is calamity,
says caution
It is nothing but pain,
says fear
It’s futile,
says insight
It is what it is
says Love

It is ridiculous,
says pride
It is careless,
says caution
It is impossible
says experience
It is what it is
says Love. PAUSE

Erich Fried

So we are at the end of this episode. Thank you for listening in tonight.

please write to me with your comments share your s thoughts and give me input.

at my email justbeit13@gmail.com

And remember Always, always love yourself.

May 12 shownotes materialistic science and consiousness

Excerpts of shownotes

from the JUST BE IT blog talk radio show

at consciousness unlimited blog talk radio

Hello, welcome to my show JUST BE IT on consciousness unlimited blog talk radio.

Today’s episode I want to look at the materialistic science as the primary rule to explain our world. We will also explore the sentence I am God and our individual Self, the pure consciousness we are.

90 years ago a Swiss man spoke about  the following:

“We have the tendency to explain things by its physicality

We overrate the material causes of things and think now we have an real explanations of matter. Which seems much easily known then the intangible ways of metaphysical spiritual way of the world around and in us. “

This was said by the father of modern psychology, the Swiss psychologist C.G. Jung, in his writings around 1930.

We will hear from the scientist Peter Russell and from the mystical poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi.. I invite you to share your thoughts on this by email please write to me! with your comments and experiences to justbeit13@googlemail.com.


And we looked at that we must face the shadow, the forces behind this resistance to really make a change. Facing these parts of our own does not mean to MAKE  them go away but to acknowledge them to integrate them into our inner world.

In each episode of my show I give a practice you could integrate in your Life and also last time I  suggested  to look at where you have the greatest opposition, and look what this resistance in your Life is trying to tell you…what are your thoughts and feelings about that opposition,  and  the project itself. And how does it sound familiar to something you belief, decided upon, experienced in the past. ? How did that go? Maybe having resistance doing that?

Well I noticed that the shadow is tricky and tries to hide itself and it takes a while to unravel it

however if you do this more often you will come to an inner map of voices and energies which are pretty much repeating themselves, sometimes they wear a different mask but nevertheless it’s the same energy. For me it is often that I need to check in if all of me  is really aligned with what I am doing,.meaning do I really want to do this?, do I have a vision I can identify with?

or am I just going through the motion..functioning. Sometimes it simply helps to check your Why ? Why and what for are you doing this…This will awake other energies in you, energies which can  carry the vision of what you want to accomplish what you stand for in Life .What is the desired outcome of this task in a bigger broader picture. what difference will it  make…I find this energizing and inspiring and it can carry me beyond the resistance .


Greece 2000 years ago everything was revolving around the earth.

As a Greek citizen you lived in the center of the universe in Greece you , were important!

only 400 years ago in 1616 Galileo was arrested when he said, that the earth evolved around the sun.

and it was only about 100 years ago whenscience told us there are no other galaxies besides us.

Now you are just a small biological speck on a small planet, on the border of the solar system Milky way surrounded by hundred billions of galaxies, science is telling us.

About 60 years ago in 1952 the DNA was discovered and genetically engineering seems to bring science in a creator like state. The materialistic approach of our  Science today has no need of god.

Actually we live in such a a material way of our world that there is a a complete disinterest in God and spiritualism.

Just a couple of hundred years ago there was no difference between science and spirituality. It was intertwined as a study of Knowledge in the monasteries in Europe, the knowledgeable person in that time explored astrology, medicine, herbs and alchemy and religious subjects the same.

 Sir Isaac Newton, born in 1642 was a English physicist and was considered  the most influential scientist.. He described d universal gravitation and the three laws of motion, which dominated the scientific view of the physical universe for the next 300 years..

Yet what is most interesting is that Isaac Newton spend far! more time studying alchemy and religious subjects then science. He wrote about half a million of commentary on mystic passages in the bible and he wrote much more about alchemy, and astrology

The scientific  dogma today is that only that which can be measured is real, all exists in space, time and matter. Nothing exists but the physical world  superdogma

Peter Russell says: Science belief if they fully understand what exists in space,time and matter we will be able to account for the whole cosmos. Peter Russell calls this the present super dogma of our society.

Peter Russel  studied ath University of Cambridge he studied mathematics and theoretical physics. He studied with Stephen Hawkings, Yet he became increasingly frustrated as a scientist and turned to easter philosophy. In an ashram of a Indian Guru he  had a Samadhi experience of pure consciousness. Samadhi meaning no mind.

I quote Peter Russell:

Nothing in the physical sciences predicts the phenomenon of consciousness. Yet its reality is apparent to each and every one of us. END OF QUOTE

 Peter Russell says , we need to accept that consciousness is as fundamental as matter—in some ways, more fundamental.

…..From a poem of  the well known mystical poet Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi lived  in what is now Turkey in th 12th century. He was the founder of the Whirling Dervishes order and a highly respected teacher by Christian, Muslims and Hindus alike. When he had passed in 1273 there was a funeral celebration of 40 days with many people attended from all religions in that time.

I am always impressed how fresh And modern his views are and how precise his language is about the Inner realm.

Two kinds of intelligence

From Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi

From the book Rumi, The Essential Rumi by Coleman Barks

 There are two kinds of intelligence: one acquired
As a child in school memorizes facts and concepts
From books and from what the teacher says,
Collecting information from the traditional sciences
As well as from the new sciences 

With such intelligence you rise in the world
You get ranked ahead or behind others
In regard to your competence in retaining
information. You stroll with this intelligence
In and out of fields of knowledge,
getting always more
Marks on your preserving tablets 

There is another kind of tablet, one
Already completed and preserved inside you.
A spring overflowing its springbox. A freshness
in the center of the chest. The other intelligence
Does not turn yellow or stagnate. It’s fluid,
And it doesn’t move from outside to inside
through the conduits of plumbing-learning.

 The second knowing is a fountainhead
From within you, you moving out.


So there is an Intelligence in us which is much more complete, much more vast than any science can be. It’s knowledge encompasses All That Is, as it is identical with All That is. When we connect with this, we know ALL and its source is never ending. We are in the Knowing.

Yet today,  many live in a world that is without the light of spiritual guidance, in darkness.

God as a fatherly figure has disappeared in our society for most of us. Many people us are left disorientated, feeling disconnected and confused.

The answers lies in our self, here in the Inner Being, the Greater Intelligence

We can find not only answers for ourselves but for the acute questions science cannot answer: The meaning of Life, how to Love and Live as a God Created being, where do we come from .and what is this all about?

The times are over where we need to read or hear about it, we must experience it each for ourselves…our true nature. As Grandmother Pa’Ris_Ha says We are spirits who learn to be human. The answers are within.

Today we are coming to a threshold, materialistic science has got a grip on the explanations of the world…however our challenges demand that we include Spirituality, consciousness. We shall use science  with a spiritual maturity. Only then can we move forward out of the darkness we are in now.

That reminds me on the story : where the Angels had created our world and they did not know where to hide god in the world, so that it would be protected and respected and not too obvious. They put the spark of God inside human that is where we can find it.

But not only there. Also in the nature and all our relations around us.

Is this true science when they developed crop engineering?

With crop engineering materialistic based science believes that

there is nothing more to a plant , than size, chemistry, colour..but we know (and even science has proved that) that plants can feel and anticipate. There is indeed an unseen life force working in and around them. How much damage does this life force receive, by manipulating the DNA of the plant?…and which effects does this have on our  life force when we eat genetically engineered tomatoes ?

Materialistic science seems to me often crude and far to simplistic causing not only disturbance in the plant world but also in the healing abilities in our body.

Anyone who truly takes responsibilities for his own healing, knows that medicine works only on the symptoms as these are measurable and in a materialistic view

Can be manipulated. But what about the new healing fields of energetic and information input based on frequencies? Homeopathic medicine for example is  an energetic information code transported into the energetic level of our cells to ignite the healing process.

That seems to me a much more sophisticated and intelligent  approach  and experience has shown and been proven by research it works..

Peter Russell suggests as said before:, we need to accept that consciousness is as fundamental as matter—in some ways, more fundamental. END OF QUOTE

Our individual consciousness is again like a drop of water in the oceanic vastness of the Absolute consciousness, the Brahman. Our individual Higher Self is identical with this consciousness. It is like the drop of water  part of the vast ocean.

There is another important characteristics of our time besides the paradigma of materialistic science influencing our world.

I am talking about the individual religious experience.

C.G. Jung wrote that he always found that all the people who came to him, who were in the middle of their Life (around 35 years of age) had one basic problem: their religious view. The final cause of illnesses was for them the questions about God, their non existing relationshipp to the Divine, and by that Jung they needed to become a member of a church or a religious order.

This question is a very personal today. Rudolf Steiner the founder of the Anthroposophie had said that this epoche is the time were we need to answer the question for ourselves, as an individual.

This is different from the past where we relied on groups, religious leaders, institutions.

In the past a spiritual seeker would renounce from  the world, give up their family, go to the monastery in Europe, In India become a Sannyashin, in Tibet or China he might move to the mountains living as a hermit

Nowadays we need mystics and spiritual enlightened people which are in the world

The monasteries and mountains are our cities.

When we truly have the experience of Samadhi,  of pure consciousness we feel we are God. Meister Eckhart has been send to the inquisition of the pope, when he announced “God and I are One”. People have been killed and austerized for postulating in exhilaration and and ecstasy: I am God.

This statement as Peter Russell put its: is a smack of arrogance for many, especially if the “I” implies the individual human being God.

To a more religious person it sounds blasphemous and as said before people got killed for this.

A journey of consistent practice to still the discriminating mind, to move beyond distinctions.

Be still and know that I am God” says the bible. Many years ago, I meditated

on that sentence. I came to the realization that this sentence came from my Higher Self, the voice inside of me.

When we replace  the word God with consciousness, the Absolute consciousness then we could say I am consciousness, I am identical with the Absolute…

As Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says” Of my self Iam nothing, of You I am everything.”


Today I would like to suggest as a practice to be with the sentence. slow

Be still and know that I am God. You could play some relaxing music and sit with it, speaking quietly each word slowly,  embracing it, taking in it and see what it can do for you. Let me know at justbeit13@googlemail.com.

And remember always love your self.

April 28 Mind Child The conditioned mind

Excerpts of show notes from JUST BE IT BLOG TALK RADIO

on consciousness unlimited blog talk radio

In this episode we will take a first look at why it is difficult for many of us to maintain that blissful state of union with the One, to be in awareness of our god like nature and express that in our Life. This is our true way of being.

As the famous enlightened teacher Ramama Maharshi who I introduced in the last episode says:

“Peace is your natural state. It is the mind that obstructs the natural state.

Today We will take a first look at the mind and its workings?

How come that we are so very often unable to stop patterns of feelings of thoughts who do not serve us, or even worse, many times we are not even aware of them?

We will look at some answers from modern science to these questions..this is the start as of course much has been written and much has been developed to overcome the conditioned state we in, the emotional programs, the disturbed thinking

It seems To move into the moment, to see the oneness in all Thou art all, is not what our brain, mind or body sends us as signals.

We all have the ability to make changes to become aware of our Greater Intelligences, yet why is it so difficult.?

The practices I recommended  in the last 2 episodes seem to  simple::Simply refuse to listen to the chatter box of your mind….meditate or contemplate on the question of Who am I? …how come that this is such a challenge to do that consistently?

In the last episode I  also shared some thoughts about the energy changes in our dimensions which are approaching us now in this year and the coming years. And as Paul Lowe, one of the wisdom teachers of modern times says, many of us do not have the facilities, are not purified enough to recognize or connect with these energies, the raising of the consciousness which is already happening and becoming stronger and stronger all around us.

So we must move on and take action to move beyond the works of the mind child. It is indeed a child compared to who we are, our Greater Self, yet we let that mind child often run our Lives.

 As shared there is only one realtiy : called Aboslute consciousness by the teachings of the Mayavada Sutra from India. We heard of the Indian saints 3000 yerars ago about the Atman The self, being identical with the Brahman the ultimate reality being identical.

So canwe change the mind? Why do we have such a disturbed mind?

There are some wise people who say yes we can take control, we can change the mind, the feelings and our reactionary programs. And many of us have tried many techniques for that. Brain research for example shows that We can change. We will here about these findings in this episode…and more in detail in coming episodes.

I will also quote more from old writing of a Zen Master partriach called Sengstan in his writing The Great way which I started to introduce in the last episode. He says:


To seek Mind with the (discriminating) mind is the greatest of all mistakes.

And I like to quote Grandmother Pa’Ris Ha again, who has a show on Monday nights here on consciousness unlimited blog talk radio. She  says


You cannot rise above what you allow yourself to think or say. If you think you are limited and you say so, then that is the way it is.  It is impossible to talk one way and have things another.

You form and create your life by each breathe and the thought you’re in at that moment.

End of quote

And Paul Lowe says let us simply refuse to listen to the mind chattering again and again. We cannot stop the mind thinking, feeling, reacting.

“The world demands from us knowledge and proficiency.

says Karl Friedrich von Duerckheim

Knowledge and proficiency is the work of the mind, the mind who has been conditioned from our birth-to see two the object and the subject, but there is not two. Turning to the world out there… The world calling us, is the object. The mind makes the distinction of two realities which are not really existing. There is only one existence, one reality:

The One, God,the Brahman,  the Absolute consciousness which is and creates everything.

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says

We feel happy when we have good intentions, and it’s a key to our days successes, but much too often all the great intentions get lost in the mind-child’s chatter and pathways
*pathways-habitual thinking and beliefs.

* of what some call reality or necessities of living, while we do not catch or see that Creator is with us and talking to us in one thousand beautiful things!!

These pathways of habitual thinking and beliefs is part of our  conditioned mind?

First of all it is creating subject and object, making two worlds, being in a dualistic state..like the world out there AND our Inner being are  two

And in  THE GREAT WAY from an Zen master of China hundreds of years ago it says:

Do not remain in the dualistic state;
avoid such pursuits carefully.
If there is even a trace
of this and that, of right and wrong,
the Mind – essence will be lost in confusion.

What is the conditioned mind?

 Paul Lowe says:


Your views on Life emerge from the part of your brain that has been conditioned from birth. From the moment you are born you are taught (conditioned) what is right or wrong, good and bad.

…all ideas come from the mind,which is the source of the conditioning, and therefore any idea of going beyond mind comes from the conditioning of the mind. It does not work to stop the mind.” When you are educated you form “hard wiring” in your brain. Literally. From then on everything that does not match that is  called “wrong”

So let us take a first look at the extensive work on brain research and espcially the work of Dr. Joe Dispenza.


Joe Dispenza, D.C., studied biochemistry   He also holds a BS degree with an emphasis in Neuroscience. He is a  Doctor of Chiropractic and trained in  neurology; neuroscience; brain function and chemistry; cellular biology. He teaches people all over the world  how to re-program their thinking through scientifically proven neuro-physiologic principles
Dr. Dispenza has found similarities in people who have experienced so-called miraculous healings, showing that they have actually changed their mind, which then changed their health. Dr Dispenza explains that you are not doomed by your genes and hardwired brain  to be a certain way for the rest of your life.  He says:  Once people understand how the brain works, change comes more easily.

He believs that we need to neuro-chemically reconditiong our whole body mind unit, and thoughts and feelings.

Emotions are records from the past experience, says Dr. Dispensa.


The body thinks for us on all levels. Our cell functions in our body create an emotional addictions!! .

Let us look first at the emotions, our reactions based only on the past.

First mind beliefs that something outside of us is gonna make this emotion go away. It  detect quickly  the false conditioning of the other person but not of itself.

And I Quote Dr. Dispenza:

The quantum model of reality states that your environment is an extension of your mind. So if you truly change your mind, there should be evidence in your life.

Our Thoughts are an electrical charge (in the brain) into the quantum field of atoms. Our emotions are the magnetic charge pulling the experience in…

And I quote from Dr. Joe Dispenza:

Most of us already know that the brain is electro-chemical in nature. When nerve cells fire, they exchange charged elements that then produce electromagnetic fields. In fact, we generate more electrical impulses between our ears in one day, than do the total number of cell phones on the planet during that same amount of time.

Because the brain’s diverse electrical activity can be measured and calibrated, these effects can provide us with important information about what we’re thinking, feeling, learning, dreaming, and creating, as well as how we are behaving or processing information. The way scientists record the brain’s changing electrical activity is by utilizing an electroencephalograph (EEG).

As our  emotional reactions are records from our past conditioning we attract the same old thing over and over again. The area of relationships shows us that clearly…When we leave a relationship we had problems in and move into a new relationship without working thru the issues in the first one, we will sooner or later notice that the same emotional problems appear again t…actually mind (thought and emotion) attracts a person which plays out that the same game with us again. So is it really out there or are we schlepping with us around our emotional patterns from the past, re-living them over and over?
Another aspects in relationship (so marriage as the Sufi says is a great field to learn and understand our true reality) is the so called “already listening” aspect. Are you seeing the Divine nature of your loved one? Or  or are you seeing him or her  with an already present state of mind…. We literally have made up our mind..fed by emotions from our past.

In addition: The brain compares always which that what it already knows and makes not only  up not just the images but also the personal experience in our daily Life based on associations of past conditioning what is right or wrong good or bad for us.

Also:. Our nerve cells have fired the same judgements, the same belief of not deserving being loved, or feeling inadequate in a relationship or deserving misery and pain all these thoughts (all based on emotional programs from adversities in our early years of conditioningg) have been fired again and again with our nerve cells.. These nerve cells firing away again and again the same old belief whats good and bad for us, have become hard wired now. The brain is fixed in its way of making desicions.

In the Great way  its said like this

When thought is in bondage the truth is hidden,
for everything is murky and unclear,
and the burdensome practice of judging
brings annoyance and weariness.
What benefit can be derived
from distinctions and separations?

Thoughts in bondage are thoughts who are fed by experiences from the past.

Let us move to the other aspect of the material Dr. Joe Dispenza shares:
 The body thinks for us on all levels END OF QUOTE

Our cell functions in our body create an emotional addictions to certain feelings and thoughts. How does that work?

Each thought, each emotion creates a chemical in our body which is spread throughout our body by the hormone producing organs.
The cells develop specific receptor sites for each specific chemicals to dock on.

So for example: If we think and feel unforgiving thoughts, or thoughs of victimization over and over again (and we do that as we react from our past experiences) the cells do something amazing. They create receptors who are made up for just takingin the chemicals presenting this thoughts and feelings.

Now when we decide to change something, the body will not agree! His billionof cells demand !! the chemical messengers to dock on to the specific unique receptor sites which were made for them. The body wants his fill of anger, judgement or any other chemical producing feeling or thought. We are litereally addicted and the body , the cells think for us. That’s why change seems hardy and it takes vigilants and repetition moment by moment  to change it.

The is a new way of thinking spread by Dr. Joe D and other researchers how to take control of this addictive cycle.
As this is a reactionary cyle of the body we cannot change it by simple knowledge, we must create a different experience!! for body mind unit. We must experience in our brain, in our cells with our senses the new way of thinking. Dr. Joe Dispenza suggests the following steps (and this is a very brief and general review.)

First we contemplate on a new way of being……….., lets say we want to be  forgiving be non judgemental. We create as in much details how we will feel, think and act as a non judgemental being.

We literally re-mind !! ourselves that we do not longer want to be that unforgiving person, that judging person. Mental rehearsal again and again has proven to change the circuits in the brain.

The old thoughts are not anymore fired by nverve cells, the hardwiring changes.

We force our brain and our body to think and feel differently. We do not listen to the chatter box of our mind child the mind child is not running the show.

We literally create new circuits in our brain and in our body by mentally rehearsing over and over again our new Desired way of Being being non judgemental.

Our behaviour, our thoughts our feelings are all aligned with our new intention: to be!!

Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says:

The harmful thoughts, Know that they are not yours, and let them go out again! Make no judgment, just that it is not what you desire to be or not how you choose to think.

Be honest in owning what is yours. Pull bad thoughts out like weeds, and discard them with respect. Give appreciation for what you have learned and are aware of as these many reflections are there for you to see.

In this world you have! the ability to control your life, if you take charge! Either as victim of your making, or the joy of a reality of an Illuminated Being. So it is!!!!

So today we started to look closer at  our conditioned mind…I said we started because there is of course many things which can be said about that ul part o fus, we allow to creating our Life most of the time.

Today we looked  at the teachings of Paul Lowe about the condiditioned mind.

I shared the ancient writing of  the Great Way from the Chinese Zen master Sengstan

I introduced  the extensive work of Dr. Joe Dispenza with  the 2 aspects

the emotions being a record of past experience pause

and that our emotional programming is an addiction which explains why it is often hard to change. and what brain research and quantum physics have to say about the minds workings.

I invite you to explore this further for yourself…maybe this is the path you want to take to finally eliminate some unwanted and unhealthy patterns.

Now is the time for all of us to make these changes…with the man in the mirror…

To move beyond The conditioned mind so we can consciously connect to that what we really are: Part of the all encompassing One..a god like being, you are a Light that came with a purpose and a message in this world


Practice: for next week could be

I invite you to take each day a moment to journal about the being you want to become.Maybe you first must examine what you do not want anymore in your Life and look which emotional addiction is feeding that unwanted thought, unwanted experience

Yet the main focus shall be on creating who you want to be:

Happy, wealthy, loved, ?? Be as specific as you can with the new beingness yu want in  how will you  feel, think and act in the specific situation now..

Rehearse this new thoughts, start feeling these new beneficial emotions

Start firing the nerve cells in a new way, start creating new supporting chemicals for your body mind unit…and create yourself a new.

Yet in all this work we need to do on our Self let us not forget that we are already ONE with All that Is.

And I quote at the end again from The Great WAY from an old text of a Zen Partriachr in China called Sengstan

So too with Being and non-Being.
Don’t waste time in doubts and arguments
that have nothing to do with this.

One thing, all things:
move among and intermingle,
without distinction.
To live in this realization
is to be without anxiety about non-perfection.
To live in this faith is the road to non-duality,
Because the non-dual is one with the trusting mind.

The Way is beyond language,
for in it there is
no yesterday
no tomorrow
no today.END OF QUOTE

We are coming to an end…I thank you for listening and would love to hear from you . Sent me your feedback,comments or question to justbeit13@googlemail.com

March 31 …as close as a breath

Excerpts from the shownotes March 31 episode

I will discuss also Breathing and the findings of Stanislov Grof, with his Holotropic breath work.  Stanislav Grof  was born in 1931 in Prague, Czechoslovakia) is a psychiatrist, one of the founders of the field of transpersonal psychology and a pioneering researcher into the use of non-ordinary states of consciousness

His 60 years of experience of working with people who moved out of oneself into the realm beyond physical reality  breathing is a fascinating and extraordinary source to learn about the qualities of Inner Self and the Oneness of all.

Before we move into that,  I like to explore a bit more   the idea of oneness which we dived into for the first time in our last episode on March 17.

In our last episode last we discussed the famous saying You are That from the Upanishadic sages and seers 3000 years ago. They clearly say the innermost pure self is identical with the Ultimate reality, the sum of all that is existing – the All That is

And also the German Sufi teacher  Dinesh said on our last show in the interview that the tension between Inner Calling and Outer Calling  is an experience we creating  PAUSE an illusion PAZUSE ultimately

All is One.

Let us start with a quote from Grandmother PaRis’Sha.

She keeps saying  The universe is inside of you.

The same was said by a Sufi  master over 1400 years ago

His name was Amir al Mo’memium. He said:

“Whatever exists in the universe also exists in the human being.

Do not ponder that you are a microcosm,
Contained within you is the macrocosm,
And you are the Clear Book of Existence.


In other words, the substance of the universe, of your reality, may be nothing more than consciousness or thought. all you need to do is change the frequency of your thoughts.

Or as Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha says There is nothing there unless you think of it!

Stanislov Grof also says in an interview in 2010.

I quote:

“So the Hindus have a whole other idea: that you see exactly what you’re supposed to see, but the things that you see are not there in the way you perceived them. In the same way as in the movies—you see?—you see exactly what you are expected to see, but those things are not what you perceive them as being. The horses, the trees, the people . . . it’s just the play of energy that you interpret in a certain way.”

Stanislav Grof: Learning from Non‐Ordinary States
Interviewed by Tami Simon ‐ Tuesday, August 24, 2010

“My consciousness was catapulted out of the body I lost connection with ..the clinic, with the city, the planet and I had this amazing experience my consciousness embracing everything, becoming every thing there was.

When  I was coming down I was in the physical universe I actually became the physical universe..I did not have names for this then, but when I read later about black and white holes it was something like that.

It generated this life time interest innon ordinary state of consciousness alternate states. END OF QUOTE  

from http://youtu.be/bYg4Ii9DjUQ

He had discovered with the LSD  experience  what he calls

non ordinary states of consciousness and that it had a profound healing effects on all levels of the individual.

The name Holotropic means literally “moving toward wholeness” (from the Greek “holos“=whole and “trepein“=moving in the direction of something).

The process itself uses very simple means: it combines accelerated breathing  a hyperventilation with evocative music in a special set and setting. With the eyes closed and lying on a mat, each person uses their own breath and the music in the room to enter a non-ordinary state of consciousness. This state activates the natural inner healing process of the individual’s psyche, bringing him or her a particular set of internal experiences. With the inner healing intelligence guiding the process, the quality and content brought forth is unique to each person and for that particular time and place. While recurring themes are common, no two sessions are ever alike.

In his work with holotropic breathing Stansilov Grof developed his maps of the psyche The realms of the so called unconsciousness

I say so called unconsciousness because I feel that this word does not serve what we are dealing with here.

It is the Greater Intelligence inside of us, through which we have not yet have consciously contact all the time, so it is there as close as a breath you take. Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha keeps pointing out that we only have a small percentage of our conscious abilities expressed about 2 % some more or less. So in my view we are accessing through these techniques a vastness which cannot yet be described.

We are definitely un conscious about this vast Intelligence inside of us, yet I prefer to say Greater Intelligence instead of unconsciousness.

Stanislov Grof developed a map of the realms of the psyche the patients connected with. The following is from his book The adventure of Self Discovery.

He clearly states that it is in an inner intelligence which guides the patient. This is not a remembering like in traditional verbal psychotherapy but a re living of events. The body has actual physical reaction from convulsions to aggressive acts or there can be great suffering and pain and there are nearly indescribable states of bliss and union with The All that is. .

Also there is no one straight line to an issue which is experienced.

Rather The Grater Intelligence works in themes or what Stanislov Grof calls the Condensed experience COEX.

Inside of this theme or issue the Inner consciousness stirs the person beyond linear time and space.so the theme can be lived through in the own birth experience and all the way up to events happening 100 or more years ago.

Is it not amazing that this giant and vast Inner world is just a breath away?

When done in the right setting and with the right intention. It is not enough to simply hyperventilate, there must be a certain setting and attitude of the support or I could say a clear intention expressed with the setting.

Let us now focus more on the transpersonal part of these experiences.

The people who experienced the cosmic consciousness in a session shared that;

That they embraced the wholeness of All That is and have entered into the Ultimate Reality behind the reality. They were very clear about the fact, that they had touched the principle of All That is and had access or Glimpses of the final and all encompassing the Beingness of All.

They experience that time and space and all other aspects of the physical reality are not real and only sourced by this principle of the All That is.

People share cosmic and universal experiences of oneness and identifying with all beings may it be animals or plants. Encounters with the creative forces, the gods and beyond: the  Absolute consciousness.

As Grandmother Pa Ris Ha once said:

“One day we will proof the existence of God” Meaning All That Is that holds it all together and resides within us.

“Never be so spiritual, that you cannot be earthly good”

is one of my favorite sayings from Grandmother.

After this excursion into the the processing with transpersonal psychology let us quote this wise woman one more time:

“You will most assuredly transcend this body and return to Light, so ask yourself why you “spend” so much of your time seeking what you always are.

The “reality” of what you are is always transcendence.

It is given so Grandmother Pa’ Ri’Ha says:  The “reality” of what you are is always transcendence

there is no, she also says  much value in processing old wounds and habits again and again.

However when we are in total service to others, when we surrender as a godly instrument then we can see clearly and know Great Spirit, says Grandmother Parisha in her teaching Follow the question inward.

And I quote her:

“……. When man is strong enough to truly look at himself objectively, he will find it happened when he was totally involved in service to others.  This is when we remember and the question is answered of who and what we are.  Then and only then, can we see clearly and know Great Spirit.”

This is when we are so focused to the sacred altar of our “being”.

So its not about moving into a quiet place to sort things out, its not about spending much of lur Life processing our pains and wounds.

It is about relating, about serving the other where we have the opportunity to find the Beloved.

Or as Dinesh said it a bit differently: Marriage is a way to remember.. to remember who we really are.

The awareness of who we really are is a moment by moment decision.

Breathing is a way which can bring us back  into the moment, relax your shoulders, in the shoulders you are holding on to the worldly life, breath into the bowl the openness of a bowl which is holding you in your lower torso…and move inward.

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