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The practice of your Inner Path

 The practice of your Inner Path

 The practice of your Inner Path is foremost an opening-up for the Being which one experiences inside.

From here the Inner Being speaks and calls.

From morning to night the world calls us outward, wants to be recognized as the world and mastered.

The Inner Being calls us consistently from inside and into our Inner World.

The world demands from us knowledge and proficiency.

The Inner Being demands from us, that in our Service of Becoming, we forget the Known and the Doing of it.

The world demands consistently that we are doing something.

The Inner Being demands from us that we simply let the Right Thing happen.

The world presses us forward and keeps us going without pause, so we could come to something stationary.

The Inner Being demands from us to look at It, non-attached,

So while standing still we would not fall short.

The world makes us speak and act incessantly.

The Inner Being demands, that we become silent and act, without doing.

The world forces us to think about security.

The Inner Being encourages us to constantly Dare Something New.

The world obeys to us, when we understand and grasp it.

The Inner Being opens itself to us, when we Endure The Incomprehensible.

The bearing force of the Inner Being will proof itself,

when we let go that which holds us in the world.

The Inner Being renews and transforms us only,

when we disconnect ourselves again from that, which enriches us in the world.

from Karlfried Graf Dürckheim, Zen Master and psychotherapist, Germany

from his book “Alltag als Übung”- Daily Life as practice, 1966

translated by Rosemarie Heyer, host of the Just Be It blog talk radio show


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